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Game designer and writer open for paid work


Hello Newgrounds, my name is Gabe, I'm a writer and game designer. You can check my work in my profile page.

Times have been rough, so I decided to do a bit of freelance work to help me pay my bills.

Here's what I can offer:

  • Write a GDD (game design document) for your game, establishing the design vision, plot and core mechanics of the game;
  • Write dialogue (for a game, animation or even film);
  • Write and design questlines and/or lore for your project;
  • Playtest and give detailed feedback on your game, with suggestions on how to improve the design, narrative and gameplay;
  • Write RPG characters for DnD, Pathfinder, or any other RPG. I can write backstories, make characters within the system or even create custom classes/races/spells/etc.
  • Write for any other creative writing job.
  • Maybe some art...

If you want to hire me, please send me a message here. My price may vary depending on the job.




I run a small lil podcast over here on Newgrounds, and I'm also the announcer for the Newgrounds directs! I've been looking to expand my line of work!

I've been doing voice overs for a few games that aren't out yet, so my portfolio isn't too big at the moment.

I can also write! I wrote a majority of the script for my first ever big collaboration, "Recovering The Lost Pieces" which you can find here!

My vocal range is pretty alright, I have a feminine voice that can get pretty deep if I try. I can either be a confident show host or a scraggly teenager, whatever you're looking for!

Check out my best podcast episodes for examples!

You can also check out the one line I did for the first Newgrounds direct(Don't worry, the second direct is in production as we speak!)

I will NOT do anything for NSFW projects.

Feel free to shoot me a message on Newgrounds for SERIOUS projects. We'll talk it out the details on here, and see where it goes from there!


Let's collaborate! Or at least let me know what you want to do!

Hi there! I'm an animator / artist. I also do quite a bit of voice acting. I'd simply like anyone interested in having creative work (sans music; I'm far too underqualified to even dabble in such) to reach out to me and let me know what they need. It doesn't necessarily have to be for pay, but if it's too much of a foreseeable undertaking for me to help with something, I probably will start discussing prices; please talk to me about it, though! I'm harmless and just want to have creative experiences in the time period between now and when I die!

Need a background artist for a cartoon? Let me know! I've done that!


Need an animator to inbetween your cartoon or possibly add little touches or clean things up a bit? I might just do it! I've done that! (pardon the titty-ladies as I finish this by the way)



Need some artwork cleaned up in general? I might give you a hand! I've done that!


Also if you need anything written, I like coming up with ideas; why not bounce off of another human being with similar interests to stir up that kind of creative energy? It can be mutually beneficial to us.

TL;DR: If you want me to help you with something, DM me; at the very least we could have an interesting conversation and potentially exchange pleasantries in such a manner as to bridge a few of the gaps in our creative endeavors and I don't see anything wrong with that!

Let me know,

  • Shellfish

...Apparently you can't just put a hyphen on Newgrounds without it turning into a bulletin point so how about that?


Music and videogames, I got the beeps!

What I'm most known for on NewGrounds is audio, primarily making synthetic beats and loops usually intended as background music. I also play guitar and sing, but I don't have a very good set up for recording instruments at the moment. Aside from composing, I'm a competent audio engineer when it comes to mixing and mastering, and can even edit podcasts and other voice recordings to make them sound clean and professional.

I started programming a couple years ago, and finished my first commissioned game in 2021. It was a simple 3d world played in a web browser, where you could open links to other websites and talk to NPCs. Different actions earned points, and there was even a live chat that allowed you to talk to other players (though there was no multiplayer beyond that). You can find that game here, as well as my other games on itch.io.

I write mostly as a hobby, but I've been doing it for so long and gotten enough critical feedback that I've grown into a decent story crafter. I started writing as a form of wish fulfillment in high school, completed my first book in my early 20s, then proceeded to rewrite that same book four times while writing short stories on the side over the proceeding five-or-so years. Each time the book got better -- and I think I ended up with something half decent -- but rather than work on one project forever until it was "perfect", I decided I would rather finish it up and move on. You can find the first handful of chapters on my medium page, and the full book, Mettle, is published on Kindle.

As far as voice acting goes, it's just something I enjoy. I've always been told I have a very characteristic voice, and I'm pretty flexible with it too. I'm not shy about showing emotion to embody a character, but for the moment you'll have to take my word for it (or ask for me to record a sample of your choice).

Here's where you can find my work:

Music: Right here!

Games: https://megaperson.itch.io/

Writing: https://medium.com/me/stories/public

Vice Acting: I got nothin'. I'm working on finding collabs to build my portfolio, but I'm willing to do a bit of sample work if you want someone a little more committed and are willing to give me a chance.


makin' games n helpin' with stuff 4 ya

can do stuff like

  • be lazy af
  • tryna' make good games on construct 2 (kinda skilled) & godot engine (partly skilled, learnin')
  • drawin' stuff in mspaint and givin' good character ideas n' stuff
  • same thing with the plots, they're my favourite thing to do, y'know
  • dreamin' about my dream game and gainin' information to make it real

I'm not so busy, so feel free to dm me, I'll be glad to help, if ya want to make your dream game real too or smth


Voice Actor/Writer looking for work and exposure

I'm a voice actor and writer looking to help others in their own projects. I will take exposure and trade. If you insist on pay however I will not decline. I have a Voice Acting Demo on my page if you need an example of what I can do. I might make another one soon. For more reference I'm the current writer of DemisurgeX's False Gods.


Writing and Editing!

Need a script written for a project and don't have the time or confidence to do it?

Looking for some interesting story ideas for a movie or game?

Have an outline done that needs more detail?

Just want somebody to look over and proofread for you?

My name is Christian, and I go by @TapathyWR most places, I've been writing and editing for nearly a decade now, and this collaboration page is a great opportunity for me to ply my trade to all the awesome people here at Newgrounds! Writing is kind of the only thing I'm good at, so I jump at the chance to sink my teeth into some work.

I've written advertisements, backstory/lore for game projects, and have edited novellas/novels. I'm fairly open to work on anything you might need my help with, and as this is not my main career, I'm not asking for much on the monetary side of things. If it's something I can become very involved with and enjoy working on, I may not charge at all!

For inquiries, you can message me here on Newgrounds, or email me at sonofgrimmy@gmail.com!


Really Anything You Need Help With

Hello! My name is Brie and this is my way of trying to make ends meet, meet new people, get involved in the community, and of course enjoy new adventures and endeavors.

I can do anything from web/graphic design to animation to audio engineering, story board, etc. I can do it all besides programming actionscript 3.0 but I do know how to code in HTML5 and CSS


Adobe Animate CC/Adobe Flash Professional 8 (Animations & Graphics)




I currently use Adobe Animate CC 2020 and FL Studio 20 (and Bandlab for fun)


When it comes to the animation we can discuss wage in person, same thing goes for individual pictures or graphics.

Typically I wont charge an expensive price I usually gauge it out to the pixel size, how much time was spent,

how much details or layers are in the specific project etc.

Songs I make personally for your project will be $5.00USD initiation and then $2 for every song made.

Ex. you buy 2 songs its $9 ($5 initiation, $2 Song) It's better to buy the songs ina bundle then individually.


I have some music and art here on my newgrounds page.iu_96873_7761466.jpg

I have a lot of music on my bandlab page


This an example of my website I'm developing. Everything here I created from scratch


A personal song I made on FL STUDIO


Thank you so much for your consideration and time in reading this. Have a wonderful day.

-Dirty Brie


Writer/Voice Actor

Hi folks, I am available for writing and/or voice acting.

Check out some of my projects on my profile (currently all written and voiced by me).


Need a VA?

Hello Voice over artist trying to make your ideas come to life. Please feel free to contact me I can send you my demo reel upon request. Also if you need help writing or some background music I can do that as well. I work in genres ranging from classical/orchestrated to jazz and hiphop lofi etc... I look forward to connecting with you guys.


Open for commissions!

Hola! I am mainly here for voice acting but I also make music and write stories if those services are required. Please contact me if you would like to use me in a project. Preferably paid but I am open to other ways of payment for projects as well. We can discuss the details and my rate.

Thank you for your time!

Demo Reel