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Open for NSFW Sound Design and Writing (can do sfw too)


Hi! My name is Chelsea. I am a basic sound engineer and scriptwriter with 2 years of experience. I enjoy working on fun works that explores various sexualities and genders, so I am very queer friendly.


Demo reel (Coming soon)

Inside Us: Among Us NSFW Parody

Solanaceae: Count To Ten

Venom/Symbrock: We are in heat

Contact Info

Email: chelseamakespodcasts@outlook.com

Twitter: @cmakesp

Audio Programs

Reaper and Audacity with plugins

!!WON’T DO!!

Will not write scripts or do edit work for VAs under 21.*

*Basically if you’re a VA who is looking to get a script written by me or have audio work done by me, I will not do it.  




Hateful/bigotry content



Raceplay/Fetishzing of one race, sexuality, or gender

Underage or Aged up


Sound Editing/Designing

$15 per minute of audio. (Ex: 20 minutes=  $300)


$7 per 1000 words

Sensitivity Reading for Black characters*

$10 per 1000 words. (Contact me for bigger projects)


RUSH FEE: +30% of original price

PERSONAL FEE: +$30 + the VA’s personal fee (Only applies for Non-commercial projects)

How To Commission

  • DM me either by email or Twitter DM.
  • Be straightforward with what you want commissioned. Please tell in much detail as possible as to what you would like. (Kinks, scenarios, genders). I don’t respond to just ‘Hi’ messages.
  • Once we have agreed on a price, I will send you an invoice through PayPal and once it is paid in full or partial payment. Your project will not be started on until I receive payment.

What To Expect When You Receive Your Commission

.wav audio file of your commission

Script in pdf

(If you’d like any specific changes to audio like different file formats or raw audio, please let me know!)

Average Delivery Time

2-3 weeks

(Please note that this is an average delivery time! Delivery time will vary depending on how much content is being recorded, your slot in my queue, holidays, etc. If there is any delay in your commission, I will be sure to notify you right away.)


  • You must be 18 or older to commission. 
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission for any reason.
  • Payments will only be made through PayPal invoicing
  • I reserve the right to sell or distribute the audio as I please (OnlyFans, Patreon and Gumroad) unless the “Personal Fee” is paid for.
  • You will credit me for script and audio if you choose to upload on any website or social platforms. You will do the same for any VAs included in the audio.
  • I am comfortable with my audio and scripts being uploaded to all platforms EXCEPT Bitchute. By commissioning me you agree to not upload any of my works to Bitchute.

You will NOT turn any of my works into a NFT


Erotica Writer Open for NSFW Commissions


Specializes in trans women and futa characters. Will write any genre and kinks.

$0.02 a word

$20 for 1k

Accounts for plotting, writing, editing. I hold the right to us any stories in my portfolio under my own name.

Dropbox with samples of my works will be on my page.


NSFW Adult Voice Actress/Actor

Hi there! I'm an experienced voice over actress who specializes in adult content like games, animated shorts/films, and erotic audiobooks. I'm based in Los Angeles and have a professional in-home studio (Mojave MA 201 microphone, Audient iD14, Adobe Audition). I've recently completed work for HFTGames, and am working with erotic author Lustine Fuller and Eva James (references available upon request). I love teaming up with independent creators and am happy to work with your budget - let's chat about your project! Listen to my demo at MyMiaLovett.com


Open for Comissions!

I try to draw in different styles. I will make naked any character from the game, or the girl in the photo. You can follow me on instagram.com/artbortnik and discuss your order.


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