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Commissions Open!

Hello! My name Kalieth/Lamia and I'm a Non-Binary N/SFW Voice Actor/Singer/Narrator/Sound Designer with a wide vocal range and a smooth, inviting tone. I have 2+ years experience working freelance for YouTube channels as well as fan communities (small animations and indie games). I have 1.5 years experience in the NSFW community, voicing in masculine and feminine roles as well as providing Sound Design.

I charge 15 cents per word (masculine) and 25 cents per word (feminine). Moan rate is $12 per minute (masculine) $25 per minute (feminine) and Sound Design at $30 per minute. I currently offer a package of $40 per minute with moans and Sound Design included.

Singing rates are flexible depending on complexity, language and if harmonies/editing/mixing are required.

I also collaborate for free (depending on the project) as well as offer discounted rates for long term partnerships. Feel free to DM me for more information.

I'm thrilled to lend my voice to your project, whether it's wholesome, dramatic, funny or erotic. Nsfw limits are few, barring social, legal, or moral concern.

Thank you for the opportunity!


Voice acting Newbie

I'm ready to do some voice acting experience for free mind you I'm still new to it.

apologies in advance I'm anti social and I tend to stutter when I'm nervous

I'm trying to make myself confident when I communicate with others in public

I'm a female

not much of a singer, but I'm practicing

thank you


Commissions OPEN

Hey! ^w^

•Male, female, futanari

•Any species

Price - $45-50 for one character (full color, 2000×2000)

+ 100% for second character (floating cocks or sex toys for free)


+$10-15 for any additional version

+$10 for additional expression

+$5 for mini extra like x-ray or text

+$10 colored line (one character)

+$50% for private art


+$20-30 for background

+$20-30 for HD version (5000×5000)

Payment method:

PayPal only

I would love to draw ❤:


•blowjob and facesitting


•cute things

•thicc characters

•weird fetishes (like earfuck/nipplefuck)

•pet play

•sexy pinup


I'm ok with:

•OCs and fandom characters

•any type of sex xD

•humanoid/anthro/pony/feral characters

•females, males and futas

(I'm really good at drawing women, but not men, I think xD)

•floating dicks xDD


•cartoon violence (without blood)

•BDSM, shibari, femdom, maledom, master/slave

•body hair, pubic hair

•MILFs, bimbos


•exotic cocks

•some monsters, insects

•sweat and sniffing

•any piercing

Maybe (ask me first):

•some toilet fetishes



•something extreme xD


I DON'T draw or just can't draw❕:

•illegal things (zoophilia/lolis/shotas/cubs)

•gore (blood/death/necrophilia)

•sexism, racism, homophobia

•any political thing



•hyper muscle/fat



Contact with me [ENG]:






•Discord(if you want):

You can ask~

Thanks! ^w^


Female voice actress for hire! (NSFW and SFW)

Hi! I'm Lunamist and I will voice pretty much anything you want (SFW and NSFW ;)) in VERY HIGH QUALITY for only 30 cents per word.

I can do a wide range of voices, including:

  • Loli (high and higher registers, with and without uwu accent)
  • Deep sultry voice
  • Sassy or bored teenager
  • Pretty much anything involving a high or low register (listen to my voice reel in my profile or in the link below)

Full price list and commission details can be found HERE.

See more of my work and very satisfied customer reviews HERE.

I'm easygoing and want to help bring life to your scripts! ^_^ I can voice stories, animations, personal messages, video games, promos, anything really. If you want me to do some cute loli singing, I can do that too! Please note that singing costs double, as it requires more editing!

For NSFW, I must review and approve all scripts prior to agreeing to perform them. Your cooperation is very much appreciated! If you'd like moans in your track, please count each moan as 3 words in your overall word count. By inquiring or ordering NSFW from me, you are confirming that both you and the character I'm voicing are aged 18+. I also offer pure noise tracks (moans, breathing, wet/BJ sounds, etc.) for $5 per 10 seconds.

For accents, I naturally do a North American accent, but can also do faux accents (British, French, Southern, etc.).

My equipment:


Steinberg UR22MKII


Open for Commissions!

OPEN FOR COMMS! (Price ranges listed below)

If you're interested in my stuff, DM me. Price depends on the difficulty and can be negotiated.

Will do video game characters and OCs

Won't do straight up NSFW (sex, gore, abuse, etc.)

Lewd is good.



NSFW/SFW Voice Actress Commissions

Heya, I am MagicalMysticVA, and I do voice acting for both SFW & NSFW. My commissions are pretty cheap. They're only 15 cents per word. I will voice pretty much anything you desire~

Join my Patreon to get voice work monthly-https://www.patreon.com/MagicalMysticVA

Here's a document with also my links and further info-https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yAq9At1vHUH3KS0kdc_6dlcsihVtO76Y_4dQutWFBYs


available for voiceover!

open for project collaboration or individual commissions!

website / twitter (@nyahahn) / nyahahavo@gmail.com

hewwo! i'm evelyn, an adult voice actress available for SFW and NSFW work.

adult voice demo reel

feminine, young, raspy, energetic, tomboy, tsundere, bratty, genki girl



Voice Actress SFW/NSFW Available

Creator and voice of a popular soundboard online.

Available to voice anything from animations, trolling, podcasts into and outro, youtube, twitch, NSFW of any kind and more.

Can do a variety of voices.

Can speak in a southern and English/British accent.


Dicord- Glitz Kitten#0010

Email NSFW- MIllierose260@gmail.com

Email SFW- Xboxgamergirlkr@gmail.com

Whatsapp- 919-623-2583

Links in profile

Each audio is $2 a clip or TBD pay for a full project. iu_587060_9977310.jpg


EGirl Comissions are Open! (VA Work!) ♥

Hey There! I’m Pixiie and welcome to my page! I’m a starter Voice Actor and Virtual/Realistic Content Creator! I’m in the process of Doujins and art being made for me and I have a sweet and kind tone to fit all your desires. 

I have < 1-month experience, but I know how to edit Sound (Sound Design Class for 2+ Years) and I basically do anything your heart desires, whether it would be to dubbing a comic or even reading you a sensual bedtime story. ♥

You can find my commission rates and examples here! https://heypixiie.carrd.co/

You can find all of my other links here! https://linktr.ee/heypixiie

If you ever need a sensual voice, or even something soft and sweet like strawberry cream, I’m your girl! I do SFW, NSFW, and all other sorts of work. ♥

I hope you enjoy my page and the stuff I post here. Thanks for stopping by!