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Affordable Animator / Composer / Video Editor for Hire & Commissions

I'm Alex! I can provide you

  • 2D Animation | $6.66/second, or $100/15 seconds
  • Music | $1/second, or $60/1 minute
  • Video Editing | $10/5 minutes

You can find my work on Newgrounds and YouTube.

Please DM me here or on Twitter if you are interested! Thank you for your time!


are you a youtube commentator?

I've been seeing a lot of youtube commentary channels just popping up.

so I'm capitalizing on my skill with drawing pin-ups and poses.

i will draw your online persona and add many different poses, expressions. and even alternate outfits for you.

just get things on amazon for me. that's all I really want. not money, just things.

some things are very pricey. i was thinking on doing many drawings per item depending on the price. we can talk about how many drawings will be required privately.

if you happen to live near by i can also work as your private bodyguard to help work it off too. carry items, take a bullet for you if need be, hog tie someone to a tree, etc.

dm me for a link to my amazon wishlist and you will have yourself a humble and grateful squire.


FNF spriter here!

I will do some fnf sprites for free (wow!!)


  1. will not do NSFW, go screw with bbpanzu for that
  2. I will do your oc's for free if you follow me on social media (youtube etc)
  3. I might except tips, but I will chose which type
  4. you can suggest stuff for your art piece, and I might do some mod art for you
  5. please do not use this for dms I am only doing this for followers and work
  6. thank you for reading this and if you want to see some art I have done, go check out my profile

Open for commissions!



Would you be interested in my animation services for any upcoming potential music video releases, business adverts, YouTube animations or anything else you can think of? My business is built around bringing unique and often wacky animated videos to bands for a reasonable and affordable price. I've worked with a lot of great bands over the last few years, started my own channel of more edgy comedy recently and have worked with Phil Campbell (Motorhead) for his solo single release "These Old Boots", featuring Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Mick Mars (Motley Crue) and Chris Fehn (Slipknot).

Check out the links below and let me know if you're interested, first time clients get a discount!

Portfolio -


Showreel -


Many thanks


Hot Frog

Contact hotfroganimations@gmail.com




Hello greetings my friends

He wants to work a cartoon character write a fantastic moving animation!

I’m Mr. Carlosdevil

You wanted to work with me try to be is a fantastic character you want to be

we need you because cartoon character don’t die together I want you in the shell you wanna to work with me so here it is this is a YouTube show called

Carlosdevilshow on YouTube (We need you what matter should be a gratis cartoon character in their credit)



I wanna do stuff!

Hey all! I'm looking to do something. Up for anything really. Down for voice acting if needed. Feel free to hit me up.