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Commission menu avaliable

You can find my commission menu here: https://lukabrico.carrd.co/

There’s a variety of art styles and subjects there, with a starting price estimate above each of them.

If any of the artwork I’ve made there clicks with you feel free to contact me at luka.brico@outlook.com



Horror-Fantasy Artist with Unique Style looking for commissions. | Jimmy Nijs Art |

Horror-Fantasy Artist with Unique Style looking for commissions.

Hey, I'm Jimmy, a freelance illustrator and artist. I specialize in anything horror, fantasy, macabre and magical, with a penchant for creature art and design. I try to weave my unique style and atmosphere in every piece I create.

I'm available for personal commissions as well as freelance work for commercial projects.

Some of my previous work can be found in such products as the card game Heroes of Tenefyr and its expansion-pack and acclaimed 5E supplements Ulraunt's Guide to the Planes: The ShadowFell & Acheron.

For more examples of my work, check my profile, my linkt.ree or my portfolio website.

  What I will do : Stylized humanoid characters; Creatures/Monsters; body horror; light architecture/landscape art; Tasteful nudity.

  What I won't do : Pornographic/Fetish Art; Fetishized Gore; Furries, ponies or anthro-characters; politically-charged artwork or related to political activities; anything related to NFT-, crypto- or blockchain-related projects, activities, or businesses.

Payments will be processed via Paypal Invoices.







Open for Commissions - Video Game Music

I can compose orchestral/classical/cinematic music for your video games.

Listen to some of my work here:

Orchestral character theme waltz

Jolly medieval/renaissance

Uplifting anime-inspired orchestral

Skyrim-inspired ambient orchestral

Cinematic waltz

Slow electronic ambient

LoTR inspired

I use high-end virtual instruments and have strong mixing skills so your finished product will sound realistic and professional :)

DM me for pricing and availability info.

Email: everratic@gmail.com


Fantasy illustrator, creature and character designer available for hire.

What do I do?

~ Creature Design.

~ Character Design.

~ Fantasy illustration.

~ Storyboarding.

~ Classical 2D animation.

Why you should work with me?

~ Fast turnaround.

~ Reliable.

~ High Quality.

~ Happy to make any alterations to work if needed.

Here are some examples of what I do:





Please have a look at my website for further information:



Open for Commissions!

Every kind of art-related project you can view on my profile is within my scope of action!


Miro doing Art for hire

Commissions are Open!

iu_335850_8767234.webpiu_335851_8767234.webpiu_335852_8767234.webpHi my name is Miro, I'm an Illustrator currently trying to make a little bit of scratch doing Commissions, currently I only have 5 slots are open currently and once they're all taken they'll remain closed until a 1 or more commissions are complete!!!,

Here are my rates:


sketch commissions are $3 dollars

line art commissions are $5 dollars

flat and full color commissions are $7 dollars


sketch commissions are $ 5 dollars

line art commissions are $ 10 dollars

flat color commissions are $ 15 dollars

full color drawings are $ 20 dollars

I'm willing to draw: furry, OC's, Fantasy, Fan art, SFW and NSFW(I will charge an additional $7 dollars), basically anything not racially or ethnically offensive

If interested or if you want to discuss details Either DM me here on Newgrounds or Contact me at mirocommessions@gmail.com


Fantasy Commissions



Open for Commissions!




The Brewery is Currently open for requests!

Hello everyone,

this is my simple pricesheet for commissions, mind that prices may vary depending on your requests example:if some addition not included are requested


For inquiries contact me on:

-Via PM

-Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kutaras1

-Deviant art: https://www.deviantart.com/kutaras

I am also willing to do:

  1. Art trades

Biggie Beeko's Art Comm - (Elitos-5)



Welcome! I normally go by Elitos-5 for my artist name, but just go with whatever! This post will be mainly for commission requests, or perhaps if you're a fellow artists, an art trade of the sorts! Though, I will display some most recent artworks to get an idea of what style I posses. Down below this segment, I will be listing rules that I will and will not do, just more for my own sanity and skill level.



Here's all the info I will provide, which will include my rules and prices for each requests!

General Commission Prices

Finer Sketch - $10 AUD


Flat Colours - $20 AUD


Shading - $30 AUD



For any additional characters wanted to be added to the commission, the cost will be half the base rate added onto it.

i.e - $10 for finer sketch, plus another char will make it $15 in total (AUD)

Also, wanting a full body will vary the price, but that can be discuss via contact. I will list ways to contact me down below. 

Payment will be divided into two parts. A rough sketch will done first and changes will be made according to your decision. However, if you do approve, my PayPal link will be sent via what ever method of contact you are using. The final payment will be made once the final product is done. Will allow any minor changes in between, as well provide updates on the progress!


Will's and Wont's

What I will do:

- SFW (Of course)

- Anything from the Fantasy or Scifi genre. (Can be both combined - As well include things from games or Original character etc.)

- Additional characters (Price may vary)

- Any body shots - Head, torso etc (Price may vary)

- Black and white shots, if you do not prefer colour. (Price may vary)

What I won't do:

- NSFW (Though I can do some gore!)

- Anthros (May be discussed - Though, I'm excluding lizardfolk from this list, cause I can do them!)

- Backgrounds (They will be simple coloured backgrounds, or transparent. I'm not comfortable with doing a proper background.)

- Portraits of people IRL, or OCs based of people IRL. 



Here's a few places where you can hit me up!

Newgrounds: https://elitos-5.newgrounds.com/

Discord: Worships-With-Blood [not revark]#2749

Email: revarky@gmail.com (Alt email, might change - not really checked upon)

Feel free to shoot me a DM by either contacts for any questions or request - art trades included!



Open For Commission!


Contact me here or on Discord (torgo#2641) if you wish to do business! I tend to work fast but I will update customers often, may take a little over a day to finish, maybe more depending on the request.


Character Design Commissions Open


Availablen for Character commissions. Direct Message me if you are interested and we can discuss further details!


Open for Commissions

I have a simple selection of options to choose from when it comes to commissions ^w^

Everything you need to know and all the links to order (ether by using Ko-fi or Google forms):

Tos, FAQ, Links, Form - ALL HERE!




iu_1039328_10805066.webpiu_1069052_10805066.webpiu_1039330_10805066.webpiu_1069066_10805066.webpTHESE ARE MY PRICES ^^^

I'm willing to do NSFW commissions, however I'm not going to be doing anything heavily leaning towards a fetish that deals with...excrement n' what not, nor am I doing anything pro-ship to begin with.

Feel free to click here and scroll down for my TOS so you can pop in knowing what to expect!

Just so I can respond to you as soon as possible, please DM me on twitter @/plutotides if possible!

Please click here for alt info on NSFW commissions...

I specialize in action-pieces, character designs, and humanoids. I also LOVE working with fantasy/sci-fi characters :)


Dx3Draws/RozenRot Commissions!


Number of Slots Available: 10

Terms & Conditions:

  • All prices listed are in USD, for 1-2 characters and are subject to negotiation depending on the complexity of the commission and the subject matter*
  • I retain all reproduction rights to the finished piece and retain the right to use the completed commission in future commissions adverts.
  • Finished commissions will be posted to my social media pages and possibly my portfolio unless otherwise is explicitly requested by the commissioner.
  • You may edit your commission/use your commission as an icon/in moodboards/in tumblr layouts, etc., but proper credit is required.
  • I take payment up front and in full -- if you cannot make the payment in full and the commission requested is more than 100$, I am willing to split the payment (half up front, half upon completion)
  • If you want a full refund for your commission you MUST request before I move from the base/concept sketch. After that, I will only refund half of what has been paid.
  • My art may not be used in any project making use of the blockchain or NFTs. Doing so will result in being blacklisted.
  • *NSFW/Kink related art may incur an extra fee and requires payment via Buy Me a Coffee.

? Will Draw:

PG-13 Gore & Violence, Body Horror, Humanoid Monsters, Artistic Nudity, IRL Portraits, Ship Art, Furry/Anthro Art, Simple Robot Characters, Horror Art, Fan Art, TTRPG Character Portraits

? Will Not Draw:

ChildxAdult Ship Art, any NSFW or kink art containing a character <18 years of age, parentxchild incest, hate symbols & other bigoted content, complicated mecha or robot characters, fat degredation content, extreme gore, necrophilia, amputation fetish art, snuff art, bestiality, feral furry

Subject to Negotiation:

NSFW/Kink/Fetish Content, SFW Kink Content, Noncon

Ordering Process:

Email me at rozario@rozen-rot.com OR rozariosanguinem@protonmail.com using the form below.Once that's been received, I will try to respond ASAP with any changes I need to make/any additional reference I might need for the piece and then an invoice via PayPal to the email you included* Once payment has been received, I will send you the base sketch for approval. After that, I will send you periodic updates on the progress (and also let you give input on any changes needed) and the final product once it has been completed.

*If you are commissioning me for something that is adult-oriented/kink-oriented, please do not give me your paypal! I will give you a link to my BuyMeACoffee and you can pay me there!

Ordering Form:

Commission Type: (full-body, chibi, character reference sheet etc.,) Completion Level: (sketch, cel-shade, full-render, +BG) Description of Commission: (if you can include a stick figure thumbnail sketch or whatever of what you want that's also 100% acceptable) Reference Materials: (you can send me images or links or if it's an OC, describe the character) PayPal Email: (if you don't have one, we can do this via my Ko-Fi or BuyMeACoffee if you are commissioning me for an NSFW commission)

Full Pricing Information:

Color Sketch:

  • -Bust/Headshot/Chest Up: 20$
  • -Waist Up: 30$ -Full Body: 40$
  • -Full Body + BG: 50$
  • -Chibi: 25$

Flat Color

  • -Bust/Headshot/Chest Up: 25$
  • -Waist Up: 35$
  • -Full Body: 45$
  • -Full Body + BG: 55$
  • -Chibi: 30$


  • -Bust/Headshot/Chest Up: 35$
  • -Waist Up: 45$
  • -Full Body: 55$
  • -Full Body + BG: 75$
  • -Chibi: 35$

Full Render

  • -Bust/Headshot/Chest Up: 45$
  • -Waist Up: 55$
  • -Full-Body: 65$
  • -Full Body + BG: 85$
  • Chibi: 45$

Additional Options:

Character Ref Sheets:


Style One:

-Colored Sketch Starting @ 85$

-Cel Shade (pictured) Starting @ 100$

-Full Render Starting @ 120$


Style Two:

-Sketch Starting @ 100$

-Cel Shade Starting @ 150$

-Full Render (Pictured) starting @ 180$

Sketch Comics: Priced per panel, heavily subject to negotiation! Starting at 25$/panel.

-Sketch Pages: Contains at least 4 full color sketches of the character. Starting at 100$

Monochrome Sketches:

-Headshot: starting @ 10$

-Waist Up: starting @ 20$

-Full Body: starting @ 30$

-Full Body + BG: starting @ 45$

Icon Packs: Priced per icon, minimum 4 icons.

-Sketch: starting @ 5$ per icon

-Cel-Shaded:starting @ 10$ per icon

-Full-Render:starting at 20$ per icon

Example of Chibi Style:



I Take Commissions!

I do art commissions!

Details can be found here:



Open for comissions

I draw characters I like with a little stylization to show how I feel about them. I can draw OCs if you have already a design. Every illustration I do gets better than the last one. I can accept any type of request to draw a character that looks almost the same as in-game, or I can change features like body type or face. I can add a couple of variations that may include NSFW content, just ask c:iu_841788_3087263.webpiu_841790_3087263.webpiu_841789_3087263.webp


"My commissions are open btw" :3

Hoii, I'm Ellietonin! I'm willing to make music for games at $15 per minute of music.

Though I specialize in retro-sounding General MIDI music, I'm not beyond using samples and other things, it's whatever you want. Please use as many adjectives and keywords as possible when describing the vibe you want me to compose, and don't worry about being too abstract. I'll get it.

If interested in commission, contact me on Newgrounds, and we can work out the details.

Have a wonderful day! :3


Skyshard's music commissions

Hello there! I’m Skyshard and I do the art of sound crafting, also known as music!

My personal works are fully dedicated to the My Little Pony universe, since it was the thing which inspired me to do music.

However, I’m up to make music for pretty much anything and collab for different projects.

I specialize in soundtrack, ambiance and EDM, background loops and melodic pieces, and also love to create music with non-standard progressions.

If you are looking for musical pieces with realistic or live recorded instruments, I have an amazing circle of friends who are professional instrumentalists, and we can work out something amazing together.

I also offer services such as mixing, mastering, podcast and sound design.

Check out my website for examples, pricing and additional information!

Additional examples:


commissions open

If you are interested in commissioning, read my terms and services first on https://dexxsoski.uwu.ai


Icon commission

Hello my dear strangers.

I am offering two Icon options.

If you are interested send me a DM to my discord: ID:315321087435079681 / Name: Hakurines#3472

(payment method: paypal)

-normal icon: 15 usd



-Symetric 10 usd




CBDP Commissions

Open for Commissions SFW or NSFW

So, uhhhh

Yeah, that's what's up.



Open for Commissions!

Hey guys, I'm opening commissions!

I create portraits, characters and entire illustrations. Payment is through Paypal or Revolut (price is in usd). If you are interesed, you can DM me on my instagram or send me a message here as well with the information


Open for Commissions

I create fully colored and rendered illustrations featuring up to three figures (human). I explore genres including fantasy and slice of life. The estimated time varies per project, but clients should anticipate at least one week for completion.

Email me for more information at: Harpillustrated@gmail.com

My most recent works:




Open for commissions!

Hi, I can make music for your video or game

I specialise on orchestral, ethnic and the jazz-funk-latin spectrum, but I also do and enjoy making period music and weird experiments.

I'm also an amateur graphic designer. If you are interested on that, I'm open for commissions as well :)


Ready to Draw!

Commissions are Open!

10/10 Slots available!

info and other socials can be found on my carrd here:


My Ko-fi: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/PineHamStudios

My Redbubble(shop of designs!): https://www.redbubble.com/people/VerneDaRogue/shop?asc=u

My CuriousCat(for questions, comments, and requests): https://curiouscat.live/DaPineappleHamster

And DM or email me at


As a general note, I am willing to work on E, T, M, and A-rated stuff!

For more info or for art trades/Collabs/etc.!iu_692797_6694088.webpiu_692798_6694088.webp


I am an anime artist that loves to draw fantasy themed character designs!

Hello, I would draw in an anime art style any types of creatures, characters and monsters (SFW or NSFW).

I am fine with any themes, elements as long as I don`t need to draw guns, robotic stuff etc ( is best to ask me if I can draw something you want me to do)





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