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Commissions are currently CLOSED.

I'm a digital artist who loves drawing illustrations, comics and stickers!

I will be happy to draw references for a character that exists only in your mind, or redesign your character! If you're unsure about their visual appearance, I'll be happy to provide sample sketches before finishing the reference, just ask me beforehand.

Sticker packs are a great way to demonstrate emotes, so why not get one? I will be happy to make one.

First of all, please fully read my Terms of Service!

Price may be increased for complex character designs.

Private commissions and commercial commissions add +100% on top of the base price.


At the sketch stage, big changes are allowed (pose, angle, bg changes, etc). After the inks or flats are complete, three small edits are free (hair color, body parts sizes, adding or removing details, etc). After these free edits, each correction costs 10$ USD.

♦️ Fullbody rendered ♦️ : 110 USD.

A fullbody, fully rendered picture with a background of your (or my) choice >w>

From 50 USD to 80 USD per additional character, pending complexity.

Each additional version costs 15-25 USD. Cum/clean versions are free!


♦️ Fullbody celshaded ♦️ : 90 USD.

A fullbody, celshaded picture with a background of your (or my) choice >w>

From 50 USD to 80 USD per additional character, pending complexity.

Each additional version costs 10-20 USD. Cum/clean versions are free!

♦️ Fullbody flats ♦️ : 70 USD.

A fullbody flat color picture of your character with a background of your choice.

From 30 USD to 50 USD per additional character.

Each additional version costs 10-20 USD. Cum/clean versions are free!

♦️ Reference sheets ♦️ : 65 USD per full body pose.

A reference image with a simple background. Includes one fullbody view, swatches, two closeups/details and any text you want to add! I can add more features for extra payment. You'll get both SFW and NSFW edits (lingerie or just removing the naughty bits) if desired.


♦️ Comics pages ♦️ : 30 - 50 USD per frame.

A rendered comic page with characters, themes and a plot of your choice.

5% discount if there are more than 25 frames.



SFM artist! I mainly do NSFW but SFW is ok!

Only 4 slots!

I can:

  • MLP Anthro
  • Some fetish stuff (we will talk about it)


  • BDSM
  • Vore
  • Gore
  • Scat
  • We can talk about it

See this document here for more detailed info about payment, contact and more! (Cuz the pic doesn't have all info)




I'm opening up for commissions!

If you interested, please send me a message.


If you have any questions, let me know.


Since I'm out of school as of December of last year, I'm opening commissions for the foreseeable future!

If you are unfamiliar with my work. I am a funny animal artist who mainly focuses on comics and mixed media. If that interests you, you can just shoot me a pm here or on my Twitter!

Payment is exclusively through PayPal and is not issued until the second stage of the commission (specifically after the inks) in the form of an invoice.

I require that you have your Newgrounds PMs or Twitter DMs open throughout the process so I can ensure the best quality for the client.


  • Inks ($15)
  • Flats ($25)
  • Shades ($35)
  • Lineless ($50) (AVAILABILITY MAY VARY)

  • +$10 for each additional character
  • +$20 for complex backgrounds (counting specific scenes)


  • Fan-characters
  • Fighting (up to cartoon violence)
  • Pin-ups (up to nudity)
  • Design Sheets (see prices for additional poses)
  • Comics (see prices for additional drawings and characters)
  • My own characters (in case you like those scenarios)


  • NSFW
  • Crude humor (farting, vomiting, defecation, etc.)
  • Any hateful symbols or imagery
  • Gore
  • Anything promoting the harming or harassment of others (referencing famous figures and/or well known content-creators.

If you have any additional inquiries, feel free to send me a message on Newgrounds or Twitter. I always check my messages so there's no fear that your request will be ignored. I'm also available for freelance work as well!



Hello, I am a graphic illustrator who is available to make art for you. You can contact me with your request and character/subject references through PM here on Newgrounds. If you would prefer, you can reach out to my email schreckengast.commission@gmail.com I am also on Discord at Schreck#3102.

*If you want to request something nsfw themed we can talk it over.*

Examples of my work including cost (Prices may vary depending on requested amount of detail):

Digital Illustration Colored -$50


Digital Illustration No Color -$30


(This example is a hyper detail illustration -$50) Pencil Illustration -$30


Pixel Art -$30 (A smaller pixel illustration/sprite could go for $15, icons for $5)



hello! im currently open for commissions on my pixel drawings! prices can be found here!


and more examples can be found on my profile. i do SFW and NSFW!

im also available for unity programming if you are looking for a developer, the latest game on my page is my best example


Hello hello! My name is Lu, and I'm open for commissions, since I'm working from home and have lots of time off!

I'm an anthro/anime artist, and I'll pretty much do anything from casual pieces to reference sheets! Please reach out to me via discord or twitter provided below since I'm ALWAYS active on both.

Twitter - @TheFancyDragoon

Discord - Tequila Shrimp #5988

My normal timeframe for pieces would be one to two weeks but they may take less time depending on real life stuff, ya know?

I'll have three slots open at any given time so I don't get overwhelmed but as pieces are finished, new slots will open up for others!

My prices and further information can be found HERE~! Otherwise they can also be found via the pinned post on Twitter! I would add the image here via this board but I dont wanna be obnoxious or anything, ahah--


Being experienced in animation, character/background design as well as story creating, we are willing to help anyone that needs a boost in their concepts or extra ideas. (Bring any idea to life)


Yo! I do 2d and 3d art commissions- if you're looking for some good character art or a model for vrchat (or any other (SFW) purpose you can think of), I'm your guy!

You can reach me through my twitter or discord (@_flowersnax on twitter, poppychips#7618 on discord)

Some notes about terms listed here:

  • When I say clear visual reference for mechs/robots, I really do mean as clear an image as you can get. While I can draw robots, I'm not really great at filling in the small details on my own and prefer drawing with a reference because of this.
  • I am serious about the no NSFW. I'm perfectly fine with drawing suggestive content, but I'm not comfortable drawing anything outright pornographic.
  • As for gore, I'm okay with drawing blood guts etc, but anything SUPER intense (think like this video (HEAVY gore warning) ) is off limits.
  • As for 3d models: Please provide a front and side reference if you can if you want it in a specific style. You can use the models for anything you want, as long as you don't plan to sell them or create NSFW content with them.
  • Finally, I reserve the right to say no to any commission for any reason.




New commission type is available!

My ToS: http://tinyurl.com/oracle-sphinx-tos

Message me if you're interested in a commission✨