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Commissions Open!

Hello! My name Kalieth/Lamia and I'm a Non-Binary N/SFW Voice Actor/Singer/Narrator/Sound Designer with a wide vocal range and a smooth, inviting tone. I have 2+ years experience working freelance for YouTube channels as well as fan communities (small animations and indie games). I have 1.5 years experience in the NSFW community, voicing in masculine and feminine roles as well as providing Sound Design.

I charge 15 cents per word (masculine) and 25 cents per word (feminine). Moan rate is $12 per minute (masculine) $25 per minute (feminine) and Sound Design at $30 per minute. I currently offer a package of $40 per minute with moans and Sound Design included.

Singing rates are flexible depending on complexity, language and if harmonies/editing/mixing are required.

I also collaborate for free (depending on the project) as well as offer discounted rates for long term partnerships. Feel free to DM me for more information.

I'm thrilled to lend my voice to your project, whether it's wholesome, dramatic, funny or erotic. Nsfw limits are few, barring social, legal, or moral concern.

Thank you for the opportunity!


Open for voice work!


I'm Dogl! And I'm open for any voice acting or voice-over work you have!

If you'd like to see my work, you can find all the cartoons I've voiced for here on Newgrounds!

Below you'll see my demo reel, some larger projects I've been a part of, social medias, and rates for my work.



Recent work and Socials!:

https://twitter.com/derpidraws/status/1304591005623095296 (Seen in the FF7 Collab here on NG as Cloud!)






2-4$ (USD) per line

.35-.45¢ (USD) per word

(Currently I can only take work that meets or exceeds 30$ USD. Dependent on the work that's required ie. whether or not you require audio processing/engineering on my end, and how small or big the part is, my rate for your project will change. These rates are subject to alteration in working with you! If you're a student or aren't able to meet these rates for any reason, we can discuss the details further in private. And to finish things off, I do not do free work.)

Thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to working with you!


Voice Actress / Casting Available!

My name is Anairis Quinones. I'm a non-union voice actress with 10 years of experience in anime, video games, and animations. I learned a lot from contributing to this community, and as I have some availability, I'd like to offer my services!

Equipment/Audio Production

• Equipment: Neumann TLM 103, Apollo Twin Duo MKII.

• Programs: Adobe Audition CC

I record daily from my home studio, and can be directed via Skype or Discord if requested. I have a flexible schedule and can record quickly within tight deadlines, and I always keep you updated on my progress.


I am available for commercial/paid projects mainly, but I will consider free projects on a case by case basis. Please send me details on your project, including concepts and the full amount of work needed so I can let you know!

My rates are available upon request, and I'm flexible under an existing budget so long as it's reasonable to me. Contact me about it and we can discuss it!

I will not participate in content with derogatory humor or statements. Contact me regarding 18+ projects.


I've previously assisted developers with finding cast members to their video games, and I frequently refer VAs to clients when requested. Handling a voice cast can be a hefty task on top of production, and it's a weight I'm capable of handling. It's hard to find the right voice when you're not sure what to consider in casting, and I can cut the process in half through by handling auditions privately or publicly. I have a private list of of diverse actors with different acting strengths, be it anime-style, cartoon, or realistic.

Cold Cases: Wesley Devant


You can contact me at anairisqu@gmail.com, Discord @Anairis#2852 or message me privately. I will reply most quickly to email inquiries, though.


NSFW/SFW Voice Actress Commissions

Heya, I am MagicalMysticVA, and I do voice acting for both SFW & NSFW. My commissions are pretty cheap. They're only 15 cents per word. I will voice pretty much anything you desire~

Join my Patreon to get voice work monthly-https://www.patreon.com/MagicalMysticVA

Here's a document with also my links and further info-https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yAq9At1vHUH3KS0kdc_6dlcsihVtO76Y_4dQutWFBYs


Voice Actor Looking for Projects!

Hello everyone!

I am looking to work with other creators and offer my voice on their projects! I have started to transition towards making content and doing Voice Over more often since I have finished school with my degree. My goal is to provide my voice to memorable characters that will leave a lasting impression on the audience. Open for SFW / NSFW work!

My equipment currently includes -

  • Sound-treated recording space, with foam and industrial blankets.
  • RODE NT-1 Microphone
  • Scarlett 2i2 Interface
  • Reaper as primary DAW

I have character acting experience and also offer creature / monster imitations (perfect for horror animations or games!). Here is my most recent demo, aside from the characters, all the creature sounds here are also done by me! I would love to lend my talents to you for your next project!

If you're interested, please contact me with your name, project in question, and the role(s) you'd like me in.

Thank you!


Discord : Steele Bird - AKA Goody Ghoul#5813

Paid Inquires Email : steelebirdvo@gmail.com


Contact ME for Voice acting!

Hi, I'm OliverSantts and i am an beginning voice actor.

Interested in my work? Well, contact my PM in discord (OliverSantts#5734) or in my DM in Twitter!(OliverSantty).

I'm (almost) always avaiable 24/7 so...

Contact me!