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Illustrator for hire

Freelance illustrator available for most types of artistic work ranging from traditional to digital mediums.

I'm stylistically flexible and have few reservations about what I will draw as long as it is at least borderline safe for work. I mostly just won't do anything outright sexual. Nothing against it, I just personally don't want to draw it. I mostly do comic and manga related art, including everything from the illustration to graphic design elements. You can see plenty of examples of the range of my work on my profile, but I will include some of my favorite examples below.

I'm a fairly old-school freelancer preferring direct negotiation over the sort of price sheets seen these days. Depending on what you are looking for, you can expect the cost of illustrations to fall somewhere between $50 - $150 unless you want something really insane. On the other hand, quicker graphic design elements might fall between $10 - $50 pending the complexity and how many are needed. Just shoot me a DM about what you are looking for and I will be blunt with you on how much it would cost. I also allow for anonymous and/or private commissions, but work I can't use to promote my future services comes at an extra premium.

Types of work I normally do:

  • Character art and design (I have no problem drawing your OCs or IPs)
  • Backgrounds and scenery
  • Scenes (characters in environments doing stuff)
  • Comic panels/pages (expect to hit the higher end per fully colored and lettered page)
  • Covers/pin-ups/posters/wallpapers
  • Pixel sprites (animated loops cost per unique frame)
  • Overlays, menus, and other assets
  • Profile pictures/banners
  • Logos and word art
  • Greeting cards
  • Trading cards

Favorite piece I've done recently


Inked only piece I like


Fake anime screenshot I made


Unreleased comic page



Open for commission

hi there, 1st of all, thank you for you consideration!

here are my prices for the commission and more explanation down below :)

please read the post carefully ^^

must read info:



Sketch: 100USD(7x10in)


Thighs up with color: 200USD(7x10in)


Full body with color: 250USD (11x14in)


NSFW art: 200USD (only available in 7x10in)


  • if your idea has more than 1 characters, they are charged with 200 (flat) + 50 (each extra)

recommend maximum 3, the more characters drawn the fewer details are on the characters

  • add characters

+50USD for an extra character, calculated separately




if you are willing to cover the fee (shipping fee is brutal i know TwT)

guessing: USA: ~ 15USD EU: ~ 45USD


Picture will be scanned in high res and send to you through email(if you don't use discord) or discord (if i have nitro at that time :P)


- Commission will take 2 days

Get updated every time there is something change, guarantee once a day

- commission will be streamed on twitch except NSFW.

NSFW stream?

for customers with NSFW commission and want to see how it is made, I have a Discord server where i stream it :3 (link located at the bottom of the post)

What i draw:

- Pinup big booba characters (OC and Fanart)

(recommend looking at my social for reference)

Things I don’t draw:

- Furry

- Loli

- Male (can bargain)

- NSFW ( gore, yaoi, futa, weird, bulge tummy, and so on of types that are super niche)

What to provide?

- Some ref of characters

- Description of the character.

- Pose you want (optional! i usually prefer posing character myself :3 )

note: i can draw character from text description too, don't worry! as long as you provide me things you want to see in the drawing!

How my commission works:

*It will go through 5 phases:

- Idea introduction

- payment: Up Front payment is required.

- Sketch Phase

+ client has 1 chance to change minor details of the drawing, i will remind you so don't worry :D

+ the sketch will be reviewed one last time before coloring phase

- coloring phase: at this point client just need to sit back and chill till it is done.

Scan and send!


My Online Portfolio:

Feel free to check out my art to find out what type of drawing you want from me.

Extra info:

other social media i have:


Baby's First Sketch Commissions :'>

❤️ Hello beloved peoples of Newgrounds! ❤️

If you don't know me already it's delightful to meet you, my name is Alaura! and I do art! I'm no professional or anything in fact I'm quite amateur, however if you're looking for a cheap half-body sketch of your character (whether it be an oc or a piece of fanart or something!) I am here to fulfill that want and/or need!

Having been able to finally get a Paypal recently also helped me in getting a Ko-fi page! This luckily makes doing possible commissions insanely easy and I'm really excited about that :>

However I don't want to overwhelm myself by doing full-blown whole-ass coloured pieces that I need to ink and such, at least not right off the bat

as a way to sorta meet things in the middle I decided that I would instead do a bit of a soft open! I often do little doodles for my friends and they don't take far too much out of me, so if you wanna be a friend and pay around 10 dollars for something similar to one of these:


Then I would be more than happy to help you in your time of need, my friend! (please excuse the godawful formatting)

If you're feeling into it then please! Click here to go to my Ko-fi and place an order! There's additional information there if you need it, all that I ask is that you please be patient with me seeing as I'm still so new to this :'>

Also please note as it's written on Ko-fi that I will not be able to give you in-progress pictures as I draw these traditionally and have to use an old phone to take said pictures and it is quite a tedious process, so please make your instructions and ideas as clear as possible!

I have a pretty basic amount of dos and don'ts as well, I don't do mecha for one however if your character has robotic elements I don't really mind!

for an extra character it's about 5-10 dollars more but I will still need some examples of what you want (posing and stuff mostly) and if you want a little bit of accenting with coloured pen or something that'll be an extra 2 dollars :> it's not much but just a little bit of flair or colour in case anyone's interested in that!

Honestly thank you so much just for taking the time to look at this, I appreciate you and I hope that whether or not you choose to support me that you have an awesome day ❤️


Sketch Card Commissions!


Get your own custom 2.5 x 3.5 inch sketch card! I will draw anything you can think of, from fanart to an original character. Every card is one of a kind!

Order one here: https://robdemersart.storenvy.com/products/33449983-custom-sketch-card-commission

Each card is drawn with ink pens, alcohol-based markers, and paint markers. The cards are shipped within a soft card sleeve and hard toploader sleeve for protection.

I will not draw anything of a sexual nature, I will refund any commission that I do not approve of it's content.


Open for Art Comissions

I am a digital/traditional visual artist and have been for the last few years. I work good with very high detail traditionally but have a significantly simpler, more honed style digitally.

I don't do NSFW, nor do I have experience working on mech/mecha and mechanical bits beyond simple mechanical pieces so that probably isn't an option that I can do confidently, no gore, but I can work well in horror related concepts so depending on what you want I can make an exception.

I have decent experience working with commission, so I'm confident I can work fast. I'm also out of school right now, as it is summer, so I'll be able to dedicate quite a bit more time.

I do well with character creation/design and love to work with them. I'm alright with backgrounds, but can't promise anything spectacular.


LilacPhoenix's Commissions


Hello! I'm LilacPhoenix, and I'm currently open for commissions! I'm known mostly for drawing mermaids, but I'm trying to branch out and try drawing different things.

If you are interested, please feel free to take a peek at my gallery, Terms of Service, and fill out my Commission Form!

Feel free to ask any questions!


Commissions Open!

My commissions are open! Thanks to CynicalEmo for making the page ✌️

Please come to my Twitter DMs at LightBlueDude_ for my payment options/if you have any questions!



Open For Commissions!

Hello everyone! Below is a list of types of commissions I take as well as prices. Please email yumichanstudios@hotmail.com if interested. Please take the time to read the TOS linked below as well! I look forward to working with you.

Commissions TOS

Custom Adopts TOS



i'm doing illustrations for people's cash

i'm opening 5 slots for traditional art illustrations!

for more info such as how to contact me and my terms of service, check out my carrd !



Kofi Commissions

Check out my Kofi for Prices and stuff i offer Kofi Commissions


Looking for Digital Work (Feb-Nov yearly)

Go check out the link here for info about myself, my art services, and my prices.

*Note: They change yearly!

I mostly do digital artwork, however I also create traditional pieces (i.e. marker, painting, mixed media, pencil, etc).

Any questions, feel free to ask in Messages.

Art Examples:

Yu-Gi-Oh! Self Insert

Chowder Custom Background

Steampunk Train Robbery

Poison- Jolene's Version

Animation Demo Reel is available.


Spicy is always open for commissions!

Hi! I'm Spicy!

I'm a 20 year old artist from Greece, and I specialize in many different types of art including digital, traditional, pixel art, and even drawing in specific art styles! I work generally fast and my prices are very affordable!

Make sure to check me out on Twitter https://twitter.com/GuyofSpicy

and DeviantArt https://www.deviantart.com/spicyguyofspice !

"You need art that's great and ain't pricy? GET SPICY!"

Fully colored full bodies of characters, WITH background, ONLY $20!!!iu_661412_11207933.webpiu_661413_11207933.webpiu_661414_11207933.webpiu_661415_11207933.webp


I can draw things!

Hello, stranger! for 20$ I will draw mostly every character you wish!

I will draw your prefered character or even your OC.

Can draw both Traditional and Digital art.

(Patment via PayPal.)

Things I DON'T and WON'T draw:

  • weird fetishes
  • any flags
  • NSFW
  • mecha
  • furries
  • vehicles
  • real people
  • political stuff

For extra Information follow my other social media profile links.


PWYW Ink Busts

iu_939573_13340225.webpDoing some Pay What You Want traditional ink busts! These usually go for $40 but I'm looking to get some practice in. Can do basically anything except mechs. SFW only (for now)

If you're interested DM me!


Commission sheets!

Ready for work! Let me know the details of your project and I'll see if my schedule permits! Currently doing mostly art, also willing to do animation and writing depending on the project. Here are some collages from my Instagram that show my art and pricing in more detail. Have a lovely day! iu_1141044_10495222.webpiu_1141043_10495222.webpiu_1141045_10495222.webpiu_1141046_10495222.webp


I'm open for the commissions (various kinds of art)

I am an artist from Armenia and I'm creating art of various styles, techniques and topics (fanart, OC's, anthro art, vectors, portraits, concept art, illustration, etc...)

Feel free to contact me for the additional info, all the details could be discussed.

DISCORD: Isabelle Rochefort#8095

Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/isabella-iskandaryan

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/isabelle_de_wallonie/




Gore... blood.. madness.. monsters! Nothing mondaine.. im not gonna draw ya cute lil dog cause it will end up looking horrifying! Ill draw badassness too! With bullets! And death!




Well guys, this is it. After getting back into doing more traditional art, and with me making and sharing all my new lovely fan-art, I'm thinking I am finally gonna do it. And I know it's only been like 2 years since I started getting back into doing traditional art, but screw it (Plus who knows, I could learn a few new things from this too); I am gonna start MY VERY OWN commissions!!! Here's all the information you need if interested (And yes I know it's all in the sheet above). If you have any questions, or if you're just unsure about something, don't hesitate to ask. Anyway:



Black and white drawings:

  • 10.00 (GBP)
  • 12.43 (USD)
  • 17.18 (CD)

Coloured drawings:

  • 15.00 (GBP)
  • 18.65 (USD)
  • 25.77 (CD)

Comic strips (Maximum of 5 pages):

  • 20.00 (GBP)
  • 24.86 (USD)
  • 34.36 (CD)

Extra pages:

  • 5.00 extra (GBP)
  • 6.22 (USD)
  • 8.59 (CD)


  • Fan art (whether it being SFW or NSFW. Ranging from either cutsey and wholesome art to spicy and lewd)
  • Full body or head to shoulder portraits
  • Pinups
  • Characters (Official or OCs) (if the design is not too complex)
  • Girls with big boobs/butts :3
  • Robots/Mechas (if the design is not too complex)
  • Creatures or monsters (if the design is not too complex)

Dialogue speech bubbles come free.

Logos for character sketches and copyright info are optional. ("Art by Michael of Random" subtitle stays)

Extra characters will charge 5.00 GBP/6.29 USD/8.28 CD extra.

I will require details, references and ideas if already prepared.

Kinks I am okay with and will draw too (You can DM me in private about these if you're too embarrassed):

  • Vore
  • Facesitting/Smothering
  • Giantess
  • Lactating/Breastfeeding


  • Underage characters in sexual positions or scenarios
  • Childhood characters being sexualised
  • Furries/Anthros (with the exception of Sonic, Crash and Spyro)
  • Real people
  • Extreme/Hyper boobs or butss (With the exception of my OC Lyra Dalia. Mainly if drawing hyper butts)
  • Hard non-con erotica
  • Incest
  • Scat/Pee/Gore/Vomit/Farts/Other questionable material
  • Futanari
  • Inflation/Weight gain/Fat characters
  • Pregnancy
  • ABDL
  • Politics
  • Wedgies

If you ask me to draw any of the following things listed, you will be ignored, you will be blacklisted, and you will be blocked.


  • Open 24/7
  • I reserve the right to refuse any commission.
  • Flat colours and simple backgrounds only! (Furniture, floors or sign posts are fine though when it comes to settings for pics)
  • Will accept payments via PayPal. (Tips are optional (no less than £0.10 and no more than £5.00)) Payment comes first, then commission starts.
  • Commissions may take time depending on the details or commission itself. Please try to be patient. (I will share updates via DMs) If you try to rush me, your commission will be cancelled, and you will be blacklisted, and you will be blocked.
  • I tend to focus on one commission at a time so I'll send you a DM to let you know you've gotten your slot and I will keep you updated on the status in the queue.
  • Absolutely do not waste my time. (e.g.; People wanting commissions but me never getting a response from them in months or even years. So please respect my time. If not, you will be blacklisted and you will be blocked)
  • I don't offer refunds.
  • I highly ask for my art to NOT be resold as NFTs.
  • You must actually have a source of income or a bank account to be able to afford a commission. Don't just ask if you can get it for free. (This stuff takes time and effort. You don't walk into a restaurant asking for free food, do you?)


  • I will also NOT draw vore art involving Kaa from the Disney version of The Jungle Book or Cell from Dragon Ball.
  • If you're just gonna mess with me, you will be blacklisted, so please don't be silly and take the piss when you order. It's not that hard.
  • Again, make sure you have the payment before you contact me. I won't hold slots or spaces.
  • Please don't haggle. I understand we all have it tough with money (Believe me, I know) but if you can't afford it, just don't order. Simple as that.
  • Again, please be patient whilst I work on your order.

Open for Commissions!

I am available for art commissions: traditional or digital, color or no color. I can cover a range of concepts but I don't do raunchy stuff.

Prices are negotiable and depend on the art in mind; there's a lot of room for variety!.

Likewise, I'm available for writing commissions, and the rate would depend on how much content is required per page, whether it must be formatted to a professional standard, etc. The best thing to do is to reach out and run your ideas by me!

Don't be shy about getting in touch! I'd love to hear from you.


Open For commissions!

$5 sketches

$10 flat color

$15 fully rendered


Pay via Paypal

See portfolio: https://tehdoodleware.newgrounds.com/


Open for commissions in September, 2x1 for Love & Friendship Month

Hi lizards! this month are the Commissions oficially open! Special promo for couples and BFF with 2 commissions for the price of one . Only valid in September 2020 since 1 Dollar. More Information and prices in the images and My Profile.

Commissions Terms:

  1. The commisssion can be request for two people or more, but the payment must be done for one person from the group.
  2. The payment terms are by total advancement, you can check my gallery if you need more security in your decision. but I DONT MADE COMMISSIONS WITHOUT PAYMENT.
  3. The customer can request maximum two (2) minimal changes to the commission. and if 7 days pass without the deliver of your commission, i must return your money.
  4. The NSFW (+18) content are allowed, but Gecko Green reserves the admission rights according to order type. i DONT MAKE OTHER TYPE MONEY RETURN.

If you´re outside from colombia, you can pay in DA or support me doing the payment in my paypal account: paypal.me/damdrafts

And if you´re in colombia, please send me a DM for more information.

¡Don´t lose time! request a special gift for your friend or loved one! Write me to Editorialmfdx(a)Gmail(dot)com or check out my other social media too.

Facebook: facebook.com/geckogreenart

Deviantart: https://deviantart.com/geckogreenart

Instagram: instagram.com/dammelendez

Behance (My portfolio): behance.net/dammelendez






Limited Time Commission Slots Open!

Hi! I've recently opened up some limited time commission slots that you can grab right now!


You can see some examples and request my work at my Ko-fi! But be quick, as there are only 5 commission slots up for grabs, so get 'em while you can! I do pretty much anything with some exceptions, but I am a little bit limited in style.

I'm usually very active on Discord, so feel free to shoot me a DM if you have any questions! (SkyanUltra#5765)

It'd be a pleasure of mine to work with you! <3


Open for Commissions!




Commissions Open!

Commissions are open If your interested please contact me via the methods listed



Commissions - TOS & Prices

Looking for a 2-D artist for some commission work? I think I've got a smidge enough of talent to throw my hat in the ring.

Come take a look at what I've got to offer.


NOTE: the prices for the individual character pieces do NOT stack. For example, if you wanted a flat color piece featuring one character, you'd be paying $70, NOT $70 for colors + $50 for inks + $30 for roughs.

I'm willing to draw most subjects, especially monsters and animals, which are my specialty. I'm no stranger to drawing people either, be it in a manga style or a western comic style. The style I tend to gravitate towards is somewhere in between.

My strength is in pen & inks, though I'm confident in my colors, too. Take a gander at my gallery and feel free to judge for yourself. (Quick side note: I'm not the colorist for my Hujangus work)

I take inspiration from Art Adams, Walt Simonson, Hiromu Arakawa and various '90's & 2000's anime, as well as a slew of other artists east and west, which you may see reflected in my work.

For more controversial subjects, I can draw:

>Nudity (you'd better be 18+)

>Body horror


I do will NOT draw

>Outright pornography, acts of sexual violence or fetish art

>Socio-political commentary

>Personal Attacks, especially against other creators

I do reserve the right to decline a commission for a reason other than the previously stated (time constraints, some other taboo subject, similarity to another project I'm currently on, etc.).

If you're at all interested, feel free to DM me here, on Twitter/X or Pixiv, or send me an email at DrawmanComms@proton.me. Thank you for stopping by and hopefully we can work on something in the future.

Have a good one,



I'll draw things for free

Not sure if anyone is interested, but I'm willing to draw things for free. I can do pixel art, digital art, and traditional art. Send me OC's, fan characters, and heck- even fandoms. I will do my best with them. Just send me a pic of a chair and I'll draw it lol.

But here's the 2 things I won't do:

  1. NSFW, I'll get uncomfortable.
  2. Furries, I'm not experienced and I don't want to waste your time with a bad drawing. (No offense to the community)

Here's some old examples (I've gotten better)

Pixel Art


Traditional Art (I can also do colored stuff)


And Normal Digital Art (I've gotten way better, but this is the only one I saved on my computer)



Open for art commisions

I do traditional art and can be full body and/or headshots/bust of any character. Either already existing or an OC. May possibly do NSFW if requested. Prices below. DM me for payment methods. I accept Cashapp,Google Pay,etc










Headshot/Bust example



I will draw Characters for different prices.???

You can request any type of character, any kind, any shape, or more. (Digital or Traditional)

Except: Robots


$5 - Linework only

$10 - With details (ink)

$15 - With color

$20 - With background

+$5 if one or more characters

Pay on Paypal...

Dm for info or questions...


Commissions open!

Commissions available!

Traditional art: variable

Character model sheet: $150 AUD

Digital painting: $150 AUD

Headshot: $40 AUD

Lineart/ sketch: $30 AUD


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