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Will do:

Fan Art, Original Characters, etc.

Won't draw:

Scat, Gore, Weird Fetishes and other stuff that I don't approve

PayPal only

Full color only - base starting price:



Does not include transaction fee [Invoice will include the fee]

Additional character + 75% of base price.

Variations and complex details extra fees will be discussed personally for each commission.

Backgrounds start from $10 and up.

Sometimes I will add a simple or even complex background for free if I feel like it, unless you specify strictly no background.

-How to Proceed

Just send me a note/dm/e-mail with the info & the title "Commission" and your Paypal.

All details regarding your commission, be very clear, won't be adding or changing details after payment.

Thighs or full body

Background yes/no and details.

Number of characters and details, pose/emotion/facial expression (you may leave it to me tho if you want)

Reference pictures of the character(s) and background or a description (or else leave it to me)

Add any info that may help

-Once I reply and we both agree you can make the full upfront payment only.

No refunds, be sure that my style is what you want (Unless for some reason I can't finish your commission).

-One revision, I'll send you a rough sketch for you to review. No changes can be made unless they are minimal.

After you review the sketch it takes around 5-10 days to finish your commission.

Don´t rush me and be patience. I asure you, I always deliver.

-You'll get fullres HQ JPEG and PNG image 4k pixels.

All works is for your private usage (non-commercial) .

You can post them anywhere you want, just credit me or add a link to my profile on the description.

Thank You!


Open Music Comisions

With experience, I offer to make music for whatever you need, both for games and animations (including nsfw).

The only thing I can't do is rock styles.

If you are interested, write me here or to my discord (I prefer discord) banguare#3240


Con experiencia, ofrezco hacer musica para lo que necesites, tanto para juegos como animaciones (inclusive nsfw).

Lo unico que no puedo hacer son estilos rock.

Si tu estas interezado, escribeme aqui o a mi discord (yo prefiero discord) banguare#3240


Open For Commissions!

Commissions are open!!!

Cartoon art style!

Better at females than males. Can do humans and humanoids. I can attempt furries/anthro but I am new to them!

Prices vary depending on what you want!

NSFW is available for female characters only!

Message me if interested!

Website >> https://midgesaurus.wixsite.com/portfolio

Patreon >> https://www.patreon.com/Midgesaurus


Open for commissions (NSFW)

For commissions , please send a direct message to me on Newgrounds OR on one of the socials below to discuss pricing, thanks!       

(Message me for discord if you'd like to talk there too.)    

  My Email: xaafirart@gmail.com            Deviant Art            Twitter    


Prices per Figure 

NSFW shaded color:

Half-body - $35

Full-body and below the waist - $50

Additional Characters - $25 e.a


Abstract: FREE

Simple B.G (with blur): $10

Complex B.G: $25

Extra Versions (Like cum): + $5

Extra elements, price depends on the complexity of the request.

Some 'fetishes' I only do as a 'private commission' and I charge a varying price, but I'll let you know if it was something I only do that way or if it is something I don't do at all. So, feel free to tell me what you have in mind :)

Commission Process:

1-Send your idea: describe your idea in detail, send references.

2- I will send the invoice (paypal). 

3 - After the payment I'll send you 3 roughs and you pick one. If you don't like all of them. I can remake 3 more roughs. (+$5)

4 - I'll send a W.I.P picture to make sure I am fulfilling your commission how you like.

5 - You have 2 corrections free of charge. (For example I send you the sketch; you are then free to point out how many things you want to change, I'll then make the corrections and you can point out other changes one more time). I'll charge +$10 per revision after the second correction.

6 - After I finish the line-art, I don't make anymore corrections.

7 - Wait for the final work in less than a week.

- The commission will be sent to you via E-mail.

- I don't send .psd file but High-Res PNG. 

- I don't remove my signature

- I don't make refunds after the commission is started.


The illustration is for personal use, its sale or distribution is prohibited.

I will post the illustration on my social networks .

You don't have permission to post or use any W.I.P images and roughs I send you. 


Comission sheet

I draw porn, please talk to me here or in twitter where I am online more often

(+18) no minors


Open for Commissions!

Full time artist, mainly draw furry/pony but open to many other themes and topics!

Aside from my profile here, you can find my work and i on https://twitter.com/AcrylicBristle , https://www.furaffinity.net/user/acrybristle/ and https://derpibooru.org/profiles/AcrylicBristle .

You can DM me on any of those profiles or my Discord @AcryBristle#1700 with details on what you'd like for me to draw, payment will be sent through Paypal, please provide your e-mail so i may send you an invoice.

If you'd like to request a commission, my prices are as follows:

One character will be,

$20 for a sketch commission

$30 for lineart

$40 for flat colors

$50 for simple shading

$60 for fully colored and fully shaded

$90 (Depending on complexity) for all of the above plus a fully colored and shaded background

Any additional character, will be priced the same as the previous rates with $3 off.

Again, i'll draw mostly anything, the only things i am hesitant on drawing is anything like:



Heavy gore

But again, feel free to just ask me and we can discuss :)


Open for Art Commissions!

Hello, I'm Hamu and I have three open slots available. All you need to know is I'm open for both SFW and NSFW commissions.

If you're interested in commissioning me, fill out this FORM.

You can also contact me thought my e-mail: hamu_co@hotmail.com


  • Artful nudes/Pinups
  • Yaoi/Yuri/Hetero couples
  • Original Characters
  • Femboys/Tomboys
  • Bara


  • Depiction of sexual violence
  • Scat/watersport
  • Bestiality




Commission Process:

1. Fill out this form.

2. Responses gets sent to my e-mail. I usually respond within the day.

3. We talk about what you want your work to turn out. 

4. I send you a Paypal invoice.

5. Rough sketch will be sent along with revisions. 

6. Finished work will be sent in a PNG file. A high-res file will be sent to you for personal use while low-res fill will be shown on social media (reposters don't like this).  


  1. OPEN
  2. OPEN
  3. OPEN

Commissions open (for dental concerns)

Opening Commissions for (Dental concerns)

Opening and accepting commissions for a cause.

  • Self-thought digital artist, and is currently opening commissions so I could afford and fix my teeth before the coming school year, PH (Phillippines) based artist and currently studying to be a teacher.

  • Accepting commissions and will be open till I receive a customer for the time being.
  • Will provide the Terms of agreement (txt file).

  • Contact me through DM's via Twitter (see link below)

WHAT I CAN DRAW (All of these are going to be made in my style)

• Fanart of characters from popular culture (anime/manga, western comics in general, etc.)

• Your OCs


• FURRIES (Still experimenting)


• Furries (ATM)

• Mecha

• Any characters that are offensive in any way (CHILDREN)

(NSFW illustrations / character design / commissions)

R-18 & more






Character commissions open! SFW/NSFW

Hello i'm open to commissions!

I'm strugglin a little bit with the bills so every work is welcome!

OC's, fanart, furry it's all cool

All the information on the images are referring to colored celshaded characters.

In case you're interested in lineart or sketches

You can see more examples of my art at my profile too!

  • Fullbody

Sketch 20$ / Lineart 30$

  • Halfbody

Sketch 15$ / Lineart 20$

  • Headshot/icon

Sketch 5$ / Lineart 10$

Payment Method: Paypal


Disclaimer about backgrounds:

Even tho i'm still learning, i'm not that confident to charge for backgrounds so this is focused on mainly on characters. You can ask for a simple color, gradiant, shape or even like a quick little one (like in the Princess Peach example) and that's free of charge.

About NSFW:

I'm okay with anything that does not involve any type of hate speech or minors! So titties? ass? dick? cum? piss? fart?

man, up to you. I don't get grossed out by drawing those kind of things feel free to send your references and talk about it without any judgement!

That's all! I'm new to the site so i still don't understand how some things work but i'm liking it! Shout out to ZombHorde this guy has been supporting me outta no where since i started few days ago. I really don't know about the pricing if it's too high or too low, still trying to figure that one out but i'm flexible and if you're interested we can talk about a discount.

I'd like to say i'm sorry for any spelling mistakes, typos or anything like that, english it's not my first language so i'm trying my best and i'll not use any spellchecker cause my momma raised a weirdo but not a coward!

Anyway thank you for your time and have a great day!


Voice Actress SFW/NSFW Available

Creator and voice of a popular soundboard online.

Available to voice anything from animations, trolling, podcasts into and outro, youtube, twitch, NSFW of any kind and more.

Can do a variety of voices.

Can speak in a southern and English/British accent.


Dicord- Glitz Kitten#0010

Email NSFW- MIllierose260@gmail.com

Email SFW- Xboxgamergirlkr@gmail.com

Whatsapp- 919-623-2583

Links in profile

Each audio is $2 a clip or TBD pay for a full project. iu_587060_9977310.jpg


To make art

I draw pictures of anime girls,

Negotiable price, on paypal.

I can make p-18, and to a certain extent p-18g.

I do not draw particularly perverse fetishes.

Can do:

Fan Art, Original Characters, etc.

Send you JPEG and PNG image

For all questions write in PM