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I am willing to take commissions if anyones interested. It could be pixel art drawn or animated.

The price varies depending on what is requested. Drawn work depends on the size but expect a range of $20-40 (USD),

animated work I usually do within 100x100 pixels and dont really have a range, but expect $50+.

I accept payments through Paypal

Send me a message with any questions or requests.


For any commission inquiries email me at: toxicsoul77@gmail.com




Hello! I'm opening PixelArt commissions. These are some examples of the art i'm willing to make. Please look at my profile for more info. No Animations.

$40 iu_251217_8336939.png

$20 iu_251219_8336939.png



Just that! DM me for anything, if you like what i do and want something like that for yourself, or maybe want stickers or some pixelart or something, shoot me a dm, pal! I'm always here, around! We'll discuss stuff in the dms :)

No pricing here because it will probably vary depending on what you ask for! Also you can see pretty much my drawing strenghts in my gallery, so you can see if it's approppiate to ask me or not. It probably is, hehe, so go ahead!



  • this is my first time doing commissions and I hope you guys enjoy :)
  • I usually put a lot of effort into making my drawings so that makes me take a lot of time to make my pieces <3

  • If you want it to be a digital painting it will be +10$
  • I can do pixel art and sprites as well

  • also, you get a -5$ discount on the second drawing/painting you commission me above 10$!!!

Hi, people of newgrounds!

I have to announce that I'm open for commissions!

If you want some art, don't hesitate, contact me via pm here, or on twitter!

I can do:

Digital-art: Shaded 50€, Colored 20€ or Lineart 10€. (No backgrounds)

Pixel Art: Shaded 25€ or Colored 15€ (No Backgrounds)

Sprites: Animated 20€ or Static 10€ character (aproximate price can be discussed with compexity).

Assets: Objects up to 64px 10€, Objects Bigger 20€, Interfaces (design and drawing) 30€, Tileset 25€.

I do NSFW art too, no problem with almost any type (we can discuss).

I accept paypal only.


Hello, I am a graphic illustrator who is available to make art for you. You can contact me with your request and character/subject references through PM here on Newgrounds. If you would prefer, you can reach out to my email schreckengast.commission@gmail.com I am also on Discord at Schreck#3102.

*If you want to request something nsfw themed we can talk it over.*

Examples of my work including cost (Prices may vary depending on requested amount of detail):

Digital Illustration Colored -$50


Digital Illustration No Color -$30


(This example is a hyper detail illustration -$50) Pencil Illustration -$30


Pixel Art -$30 (A smaller pixel illustration/sprite could go for $15, icons for $5)



I do art in general. Pixel-art and drawings.

I'm still planning to make a 3D section for the commission price list, but I'm still not sure about the values, since I'm still learning it. But if you really want a 3D model, we can discuss about that at Discord: NicoBros#9058

The commission price list:



Hey you, want me to make you some pixel art things?

I'm now open to commissions.

I do Pixel Art Pieces, Twitch Emotes, Twitch Badges, Animations, Overlays, Fonts and others.


Order Commission

For all the info about commissions scroll below or check my trello here.

You can check examples of my work here on NewGrounds or at My Website's Portfolio

Contact me either through here on NewGrounds, Twitter or Discord

::: Full Info :::

Pixel Art Pieces:

What you get:

  • A pixel art piece with the requested size for personal use.


  • 32x32 px = 15€
  • 64x64 px = 20€
  • 96x96 px = 30€
  • Other size -> Negotiable

Twitch Emotes:

What you get:

  • 28×28, 56×56, 112×112 pixel size formats for Twitch/Discord Emote upload
  • Social Template to share
  • Exclusive Use in Twitch and Discord


  • 1 Emote: 15€
  • 2 Emotes: 28€
  • 3 Emotes: 41€
  • Additional emotes = 15€ each

Twitch Badges:

What you get:

  • 18×18, 36×36, 72×72 pixel size formats for Twitch upload
  • Social Template to share
  • Exclusive Use in Twitch


  • Unique Sub badge = 10€
  • Color Change = 3€
  • Minimal Change = 5€


What you get:

  • An animated pixel art piece for personal use.


Can vary by the following formula:

  • Size + number of characters + if it has background + animation complexity


What you get:

  • A 320x180 stream overlay


  • Base price: 60€​
  • Can be animated


What you get:

  • A custom made bitmap font.
  • TTF file.


  • Based on the number of characters and size.
  • Negotiable


For other kinds of work that are not specified above.


  • 25€ hourly rate.

Commercial Fee:

What you get:

  • Full Rights of commercial use ( Merchandising, Ad placements, Promotion Uses ).
  • Original File.


  • + 50% of the commission price

::: Terms and Conditions :::

The product is a digital file and does not require shipping.

  • The commissioned work is for personal use only. The client may not claim the artwork as their own.
  • A detailed description of the commission is highly encouraged. Reference images are greatly appreciated as well.
  • I have the right to decline any commissions.
  • I draw commissions based on the trello list.
  • I may stream / create a speed paint of the commission work.
  • In terms of a detailed piece, I may charge extra, I will inform the client before starting the commission.
  • Finished commissions will be sent via email.
  • I only accept payment via PayPal and only in Euros.
  • The client may not use any other form of paid artwork that was commissioned to me to use for the client's twitch emoticon. I have a separate Twitch emoticon commission rate for that.
  • If the client is buying a pre-made bundle, the client will pay the agreed price in full.

  • The client is not allowed to remove the watermark/signature on the artist's artworks.

  • The client is not authorized to use the content produced by the artist for commercial use, unless the commercial fee has been paid. That includes to sell, redistribute license, or gain profits from the commission.

  • I have the right to claim 100% of any unauthorized profits made off from the artwork used.
  • I have the right to take action, once I find out a breach of terms and conditions as been made.

For commercial work:

  • The client must pay the original amount and half if the client intends to use the artwork to produce merchandise such as t-shirt, key chains, mug or any other forms.

(ex. Original price: 20€ + Commercial fee: (Original price*0.50=10€) = Total: 30€)

For Cancellations / Refunds:

  • If the client wishes to cancel a commission, initial payment deposits are considered forfeited once I already started the artwork.
  • No Refunds

Payment Process:

Email Response

-The client will be contacted via twitter / discord / email.

-I will be needing your confirmation of prices before I send you a paypal invoice for the initial down payment.

50% down payment is required to start the commission work.

-Frequent updates can be requested during process.

Remaining 50% should be given upon finishing.

Important note:

I, retain the rights to the commissioned artwork/s and by commissioning me, you, are allowing me to use and feature the commissioned work/s on my portfolio / website / social media.

Once you decide to commission me, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated above. If you, the client, did not read the terms of services, I will not be held responsible for your own misconception.


My pixel art commissions are officially OPEN! Check the pic for prices and content; if you're looking for something outside of the assets listed(I.E. Game sprites, assets for video/animations), PM me so we can price the content!



Got nothing to do really, so I've decided to look for those in need of help!

I'm willing to help out those in need, with both my voice and pixel art!

Currently, I'm willing to do it for free due to not having really any way of receiving payments, plus there's also the fact I really am not in need of money at all right now.

I'm willing to do sprite sheets for characters or objects in these styles:

4 Colors
8 Colors
16 Colors
24 Colors
Pretty much anything lol

I'm willing to do GIFs, PNGs, or JPEGs, which ever one you need.

I'm also willing to do voice acting for free, albeit with not the best microphone I 100% for sure would not expect any payment, though I am eventually planning to get a better mic. I am still able to change my voice almost at will.

If you'd like to contact me, either PM me on NG or hit me on discord.




Hello, my fellow Newgrounders. I've been doing drawing, pixel-art and game-development for a while now (since 2004), so I figured might as well make something more ambitious of it. I'm willing to do small animation projects (due to limited free time, I can't take on stuff too big), Flash-art and especially pixel-art. I'm also down for voice acting, if you need a stereotypical British accent or something. (Although being from the West Midlands, my accent is far from stereotypical :P)

Since I'm not experienced in the commission industry, I'll keep it cheap to start with.







In case anyone is wondering, I also do commissions! My specialties include drawn artwork, pixel art, and a small little theme for your potential logo intros or whatever. :P






hello! i'm offering my art services! while i say touhou is encouraged, i'm open to try non-touhou stuff!

just please keep in mind that i might not be able to do your commission, so unless i say that YES I CAN do it, you won't be paying upfront


i also do music! this is the more uncertain side...

i'll try my best to do an original composition for you and/or your game, but please don't ask for covers. i only work in one scale, and most of my knowledge is by ear.

the price will vary but it will start from 15 EUR, and might increase depending on complexity and length.

to wrap it up here, here's some examples of my music:

a lil test

some ambiance



more piano




and also my bandcamp and my audio portal uploads!

if you're interested, please message me!




Hello there! :D

Hereby, i shall announce that i am open for commissions. Everyone here is working on great stuff, and so i am; wanna know what i can do? PixelArt and PixelAnim!

Because everyone loves those old retro vibes and square-y textures in art, i am willing to accept works for your projects.

I'm not limited to just PixelArt, i can also make Sprite-Sheets and objects for your games, even some nice looking Backgrounds.

Not limited to furry-fandom art. Am willing to negotiate prices (that includes fixed ones)



Need help with a game? Need a new song for a project? Need Pixel art for your needs?

I am here! and I will do it FOR FREE!

Some Art Examples:





Music Examples (Some of these are old):

"its a Metaphor"


"Circling Stars" (My first fully original song)

"8-bit test."


Im able to make profile pic icons, logos, pixelart of different sizes, wallpapers and more!

its 15-30 dollars a commonly made illustration square sized

30-50 Dollars big sized or extremely detailed illustrations

5 dollars Small or simple pixelart

5-10 dollars Intrincated pixelartiu_214551_8192878.jpgiu_214553_8192878.jpgiu_214550_8192878.pngiu_214552_8192878.png


Not sure if anyone is interested, but I'm willing to draw things for free. I can do pixel art, digital art, and traditional art. Send me OC's, fan characters, and heck- even fandoms. I will do my best with them. Just send me a pic of a chair and I'll draw it lol.

But here's the 2 things I won't do:

  1. NSFW, I'll get uncomfortable.
  2. Furries, I'm not experienced and I don't want to waste your time with a bad drawing. (No offense to the community)

Here's some old examples (I've gotten better)

Pixel Art


Traditional Art (I can also do colored stuff)


And Normal Digital Art (I've gotten way better, but this is the only one I saved on my computer)



Any grfx- album covers, logos, typography, posters, game art, clothing, etc...

Contact for further info and pricing.

[ Instagram ] - [ Tumblr ] - [ Twitter ]

  • What can I draw?

I draw in a variety of art styles and am willing to draw any character, fetish, or portrait. I specialize in anime-style female figure drawing, but I have done anything from a lizard man drinking in a tavern to realistic portraits of BTS.

This includes:

-Pixel Art



-Monster girls

-OCs/DnD characters


-Feet, slime, bukkake, straight, gay, futa, traps, vore, gore, and IDFC.

-Wholesome stuff <3

-Short webcomics

  • Looking to Trade Art?

We can discuss details in DMs, but generally, this would consist of drawing each other's original characters or fanart of a character of our choosing. Depending on your style and what you're willing to draw will decide what I draw for you. (for example; line art for line art, full body for full-body, simple background for simple background).

  • Looking to Collaborate?

This is best for people who might enjoy coloring more than drawing line art or vise versa. I can draw line art for you to color or color your line art. If anyone is willing to add some animation to something I draw that could be cool too!

  • Looking to Commission?

If you are looking to pay for someone to draw your comic ideas, bring your original characters to life, materialize your fetish fantasy, create a personalized icon, or draw your favorite video game character, this is the option for you.

  • What are my commission prices?

Here's my chart:



I don't charge extra for specific fetishes, and on average; a fully shaded, full-body, and fully detailed background anime-style drawing will cost $80USD.