I am willing to take commissions if anyones interested. It could be pixel art drawn or animated.

The price varies depending on what is requested. Drawn work depends on the size but expect a range of $20-40 (USD),

animated work I usually do within 100x100 pixels and dont really have a range, but expect $50+.

I accept payments through Paypal

Send me a message with any questions or requests.


For any commission inquiries email me at: toxicsoul77@gmail.com





I am a game creator looking for work.

I specialize in pixel art, JRPG style. I create sprites for games and can replicate a variety of styles.

I have also done pixel animated mascots and logos in the past too.

I can also do programming work. Especially in Javascript/HTML/CSS. Most of my games are made using Phaser.io, but I am also comfortable with any other JS library (Such as Impact, Kiwi, Melon, Pixi, etc), and Godot. Sorry, but I'm not comfortable with Unity.

I studied in Computer Science for 3 years but did not graduate with Computer Science due to life constraints.

You can commission me for art or programming jobs.

I'm also willing to double up for both art and programming if you pay hourly.

You can check out some my artwork and games.


I work at a rate of $20/hr for work on a project part time. If you're asking for small specific jobs, such as a sprite or a programming task, I can work out a fixed price.

Contact Me via PM or:

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/bigbosserndog

Discord: https://discord.gg/qJ7zjPs

Email: commissions.bigbosserndog@gmail.com

The following shows what I can do:


I hope you'll consider me, thanks.


Just that! DM me for anything, if you like what i do and want something like that for yourself, or maybe want stickers or some pixelart or something, shoot me a dm, pal! I'm always here, around! We'll discuss stuff in the dms :)

No pricing here because it will probably vary depending on what you ask for! Also you can see pretty much my drawing strenghts in my gallery, so you can see if it's approppiate to ask me or not. It probably is, hehe, so go ahead!


Hi, people of newgrounds!

I have to announce that I'm open for commissions!

If you want some art, don't hesitate, contact me via pm here, or on twitter!

I can do:

Digital-art: Shaded 50€, Colored 20€ or Lineart 10€. (No backgrounds)

Pixel Art: Shaded 25€ or Colored 15€ (No Backgrounds)

Sprites: Animated 20€ or Static 10€ character (aproximate price can be discussed with compexity).

Assets: Objects up to 64px 10€, Objects Bigger 20€, Interfaces (design and drawing) 30€, Tileset 25€.

I do NSFW art too, no problem with almost any type (we can discuss).

I accept paypal only.


I do art in general. Pixel-art and drawings.

I'm still planning to make a 3D section for the commission price list, but I'm still not sure about the values, since I'm still learning it. But if you really want a 3D model, we can discuss about that at Discord: NicoBros#9058

The commission price list:



Hello, I am a graphic illustrator who is available to make pixel illustrations for $15 each. You can contact me with your request and character/subject references through PM here on Newgrounds. If you'd prefer, you can reach out to my email schreckengast.commission@gmail.com I am also on Discord at Schreck#3102.

  • I only accept PayPal USD. Payment is up front and work will not begin until payment has been received.
  • I am flexible to do almost anything but I reserve the right to deny a request if the subject matter is too nsfw or outright unacceptable/illegal. I will not do copyrighted characters, as it is a very grey area and I have insufficient evidence that it is legal.
  • Completed work will be uploaded.

I currently have a job that I work Mondays-Thursdays. There might be a sluggish period doing the work between these days, but I will get it done asap.

My past work:






I'm having a Pay What You Want Sale for the next 2 weeks through Ko-fi! (Pixel Art only - You must be 18+) https://ko-fi.com/Blog/Post/Pixel-Art-Commission-Sale-Z8Z51VDLB…

Any questions you may have feel free to ask!


My pixel art commissions are officially OPEN! Check the pic for prices and content; if you're looking for something outside of the assets listed(I.E. Game sprites, assets for video/animations), PM me so we can price the content!



Hey you, want me to make you some pixel art things?

I'm now open to commissions.

I do Pixel Art Pieces, Twitch Emotes, Twitch Badges, Animations, Overlays, Fonts and others.

Pixel Art Pieces:

  • 32x32 px = 15€ 
  • 64x64 px = 20€
  • 96x96 px = 30€
  • Other size -> Negotiable

Twitch Emotes:

  • 1 Emote: 15€
  • 2 Emotes: 28€
  • 3 Emotes: 41€

Twitch Badges:

  • Unique Sub badge = 10€  
  • Color Change = 3€
  • Minimal Change = 5€


Price can vary by the following formula:  

  • Size + number of characters + if it has background + animation complexity


A 320x180 stream overlay

  • Base price: 60€​
  • Can be animated


Price based on the number of characters and size.

  •  Negotiable

For all the info about commissions Click here.

You can check examples of my work here on NewGrounds or at My Website's Portfolio

Contact me either through here on NewGrounds, Twitter or Discord


In case anyone is wondering, I also do commissions! My specialties include drawn artwork, pixel art, and a small little theme for your potential logo intros or whatever. :P




Not sure if anyone is interested, but I'm willing to draw things for free. I can do pixel art, digital art, and traditional art. Send me OC's, fan characters, and heck- even fandoms. I will do my best with them. Just send me a pic of a chair and I'll draw it lol.

But here's the 2 things I won't do:

  1. NSFW, I'll get uncomfortable.
  2. Furries, I'm not experienced and I don't want to waste your time with a bad drawing. (No offense to the community)

Here's some old examples (I've gotten better)

Pixel Art


Traditional Art (I can also do colored stuff)


And Normal Digital Art (I've gotten way better, but this is the only one I saved on my computer)



Any grfx- album covers, logos, typography, posters, game art, clothing, etc...

Contact for further info and pricing.

[ Instagram ] - [ Tumblr ] - [ Twitter ]