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Hello! - My name is Rogue, a veteran to the art community who is finally reopening their doors for the first time in a long while! I am new to this website, so- lets have some fun!


I am now open for art commissions of most all shapes and sizes, even wallpapers!

You can find a few of my examples on here or my homebase over on twitter : https://twitter.com/ToxicCookieJars

You can attempt to contact me on this platform though I am much easier reached on Discord @ RogueKitten#0133.

You may also E-Mail me at my business email: toxic.cookie.jars@gmail.com - This is a more solid way to contact me if you prefer.

My Process:

  • I take PayPal and CashApp ONLY.
  • I Do require payment up front.
  • I work with you throughout the process and WILL NOT move onto the line-work phase till you have approved the sketch.
  • My no list is rather small and I would prefer you contact me and just pitch the idea so that I may decide from there.
  • I WILL DO SFW AND NSFW!!!!!! Making that super clear due to past confusion.


Pricing: Pardon that this isn't the prettiest.



***Thank you for considering me!***