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I've been making music for close to seven years now, and in that time I've made hundreds of tracks. One of my favorite things to write were Chiptune projects, writing little stories and character themes brought me a lot of peace in difficult times. Unfortunately, the songs had no ultimate direction and most of them ended up unfinished. I'd love to see them have use somewhere, and the direction is still ultimately up in the air, so I have an idea, and we'll see how well it works out.

If you are working on a project (Game, Webcomic, Animation, etc) that needs music (Ideally Chiptune, open to other genres) DM me with your vision and assets (A story summary, a creative direction, etc) and if I like it, I'll do the soundtrack for free. Or if you just need some examples, message me the word "Examples".

Looking forward to working with you! (^u^ )



First, let's say I'm an experienced producer, have worked in 2 game OST's, and make 100 songs per year (always improving!).

I can produce in ANY genre, literally. From Bossa Nova and Classical, to EDM or Retrowave music, going through Trap and Hip Hop, Film and Trailer music, or maybe an SFX sound... I wasn't lying!

You could be either someone craving for their own custom song, or an artist who wants some help in the production process.

My prices vary a lot, depending on the amount of work that I put in. It may go from 5 to 30 dollars. I try to put quality in every song, independently of the price, though!

Hit me up with your dreams and they'll be crafted!!



I'm an experienced composer who's fairly new to freelancing and Newgrounds. I mainly make orchestral game like music, but I can make chiptune as well.

You can check mu music out on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/Crabanor

I'm pretty flexible with pricing, just contact me and we'll discuss

You can contact me on Discord: Crabanor #3504

Or you can message me here on Newgrounds