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I'm available to collaboration!

Hey, guys! If you want to collaborate with me, you can set me "NewGrounds Messege", where you need to describe about your idea for collaboration. Than we can discuus the details)))

About my style: I always create music it Synthwave style. You can listen my tracks on my Newgrounds: https://nandinanubis.newgrounds.com




Available for anything fun!

I'm hoping to be able to contribute to other people's projects and collaborate on original ideas as well, whether with voice acting or art or just anything fun and new. I can send samples of voice acting, story-boarding/backgrounds, music, compositing, sound design, etc. Just ask!


Ask me ALMOST everything, i'll try my best

Ok ok ok, i know im not that famous but i still think this could be my chance.

Im accepting everything that has to do with Stories, writing, music (kinda), voice acting & the best of all Drawings! :D

If you want some of this don't worry, im still not sure about receiving money yet so yeah you could tell that this is totally FREE.

I have to warn that my content is something that takes it time and it's pacience because im still a principiant so just let me know via message on my account on Newgrounds if you want something & i'll try my best.

(I almost forgot to say that im also looking for other artists to work with, so if you want to help this little artist of me :3 just send me a message in my account)

See ya! :D


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