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Are you an artist / writer that wants to make a game but can't program? I'm here to help!

I'm willing to create clicker games from scratch from your artwork, sound effects, music, etc. I'm only open for clicker games at the moment, since not only am I an indie dev with my own projects, I'm also a teacher, which takes the majority of my time. Since it's a clicker game, I'll have a few basic guidelines on pricing:

  • $2,50 for every incrementing object. (Basically the currencies from most clicker games, but also other types of items that are core to the gameplay like Cookies, Grandmas, Farms, and others from Cookie Cliker)
  • $2,50 for every core gameplay mechanic. (Say your game has 2 core mechanics: Clicking buttons and Inventory Management. That'd be $5,00 to implement both fully into your game)
  • $5,00 for multiple screen functionality (eg. Menus, etc). (Art must be provided by you)
  • $1,00 per game actor. (Actors would be considered all the different elements in the game that dictate core gameplay aspects. Of course, if you have multiple instances of an actor they'd be charged only once.)
  • $2,50 per game environment. (Stages, etc.)

All of this would be calculated for a base price of the game, and we would go over this and pricing through DMs if you choose to contact me. All of the above require art provided by you, since I won't be creating any art. Also, I only accept art with some kind of guarantee that you own it. Any additional gameplay concepts or more robust features can be discussed through DMs and pricing will be negotiated according to the skill and time needed to implement it. I'll build the game for you and give you a release of it for the chosen platforms.

An example of pricing if you're still confused, Imagine this:

A game with:

  • 2 increment objects (Gold and Mana) $5,00
  • 4 actors (Enemies) $4,00
  • 3 core gameplay aspects (clicking combat, money-making and equipment upgrade) $7,50
  • 3 Screens (Main Menu, Credits, Game Environment) $5,00
  • 4 Game Environments (dungeons) $10,00

would cost:

  • $31,50

If you want to work with me, just hit me up with a DM here on newgrounds and as soon as I have time I'll reply! If you want to check my skills, check my page at itch.io or just visit my newgrounds page (but the only good project here is Toy Theater Adventure).

Thanks for your time!