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Looking for music? Look no more.

I can write in almost any genre, and will prove to be efficient.

I will charge a minimum of $0.5, and a maximum of $500. (Seriously, no higher.)

I'd love to hear from you! You can PM me through the Newgrounds or my email- FunBoy07@protonmail.com


Keryam is here, open for comms and stuff

Heya, comrade.

My name is Keryam and I'm composing cool stylish grunge rock and heavy metal.

Here, have my composing portfolio:

My Newgrounds uploads

My Spotify card

If you are looking for a composer or a sound designer for your projects – just dm me, we'll discuss the details. That's all.

Looking forward for our collaboration.



Music Stuff

Hi. I'm Unnamed, and I'm a pretty good songwriter, great vocalist, and expert midi composer. I'Il work on pretty much anything, I'm specifically good at writing metal type songs, videogame music could be considered.


The Unnamed Player


(I'd prefer you to add me on discord, I'm always on discord.)


Looking to make album covers or t-shirt designs

I am currently a part of a band and I have made most of the artwork that we own, specifically the album covers.

I'd love to make t-shirt designs as well, so either one that you need me for, I can probably do it.

I have made one t-shirt design in the past for a band called Lords of the Trident. Sadly, I do not have a picture of it.

I'd preferably like to work with metal bands, given that my art style is pretty fitting for it. However, if you fall under a different genre, I'd be more than willing to help as long as you want something weird. Well, preferably weird, I can do some nice stuff too.

You can check out more of my art on my Newgrounds account, along with my Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thundertusk_draws/

Here's the latest covers I've made for my band.



[FOR HIRE / REV SPLIT] Game Composer looking for work!

Hi! I compose for several genres, from retro music, rpg, rock/metal to ambiences. I'll leave here an example of what i can do musically for your game, if you're interested and would like to hire me, please let me know!

RPG Orchestral Epic Battle:


Contact through discord: