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Commissions are Open!

Hey, I'm Linethickness! School is finally done kicking my butt so I'm opening up commissions! If you have a character from any medium you want me to draw, message me! This can include DND characters, anime, cartoons, videogames, etc. My rates are as follows



For 5$ I offer profile pictures that are fully colored and shaded

I also offer character model sheets for comics or animations for 30$ USD per character. (not colored)

This'll can include

  • A JPEG or PNG of a turn around (front, back, 3/4 left and right poses)


  • A Facial expression sheet with 6 poses from the bust up (any expression *with discretion)

Check out my other art on Instagram and twitter to get an idea on what I draw! (Do not request extreme nsfw. Mild titty and ass is fine, but I don't draw porn. I have the right to refuse service if the content makes me uncomfortable)


My Commission Info

Paypal + Ko-fi accepted! Read below for Terms+Conditions.


I'll need a general idea of the pose, age range of character/personality, and design! I'll also need to know what type of shading you would like, please do look through my art to get an example of what you're looking for!

=Wait time=

Approximately 5 days or under for sketch, after confirmation.

2-3 Weeks or under for full piece, no background. I'll keep you updated on my workload.


Refunds are at my own discretion, or if you back out of the commission before I am done lining, so be sure of your decision for more pricey and time consuming orders, please!


Character MUST be of age for NSFW, use common sense.

No furries for NSFW, sorry buds.

=Art of real individuals=

No real people unless they are proven to consent of content made of them.

=Commercial use=

$10 fee for non-personal use/profit.

-Personal use entitles: Profile images, sharing, etc.

-Commercial use entitles: Merchandising, brand content, use in monetized content.


Anime style commissions (for hire)

Hello there Im koy and im seeking to find work as an artist.Check out my prices on the chart bellow and Check out my site for examples of my art.I'f youre having trouble with the currency, or have any questions dont be afraid to message me,hope we get to work together.iu_344512_7971665.png


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