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Hello, I am Kelporino aka KELP.

I do digital paintings of all sorts of things, but at the moment I am focused on painting realistic portraits.

"Why would I commission you?" you may ask.

Here are a few examples why:

Ever wanted to get your friend a special gift of their own face? I am the guy for the job

Do you want to fuel your own ego beyond an unhealthy degree? Oh, brother, you've got it

Just want a sentimental piece of you and your friend/significant other? There's no better person to ask

I don't judge your choices and I don't need reasoning. You want it? If you have the money, you'll get it.

You have to provide me with pictures.

Now on to the no nonsense bit: THE PAYMENT

I charge 50 euros per portrait and 20 euros per additional person in a portrait.

Payment is upfront and within 2-3 days after payment, the portrait will be complete.

Payment is through PayPal.

Here are some examples of my work:


If you're interested, message me right here on NewGrounds. Don't be a stranger!

Have a nice day! :)


Hello, I'm a second year Computer Game Animation student. I offer my abilities as an artist to draw colored fan art, portraits, full body characters, illustrations and also I can make the concept for your character designs ;)

You can find my prices and what I offer in deeper detail here: https://www.fiverr.com/lip3chi/do-an-illustration-or-fan-art-of-what-you-want


iu_80927_7767888.jpgA portrait - 30 USD !!!iu_80928_7767888.jpgFULLBODY art of your character (HUMAN OR FURRY) 35 USD!!!

You can see other examples of my art in the profile. For exact prices contact me in DM. I do NSWF too!