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Open for Commissions


Im open for commissions

If you can help me financially, I'll be grateful and I hope to make the best efforts into making pics for you

The image above should explain everything there is to know but if you have any questions if you're confused with something or have any things that needs saying, feel free to ask


Erotica Writer Open for NSFW Commissions


Specializes in trans women and futa characters. Will write any genre and kinks.

$0.02 a word

$20 for 1k

Accounts for plotting, writing, editing. I hold the right to us any stories in my portfolio under my own name.

Dropbox with samples of my works will be on my page.


NSFW/SFW digital pieces available.

Commissions open,(see profile for work examples) flat rate for anything digital 50$ will be rendered or sketched in procreate depending on what you want. (Pay-pal only) post approval payment means your absolutely satisfied with the piece before you settle the bill and I send over the desired file type upon payment. I don’t dottle and I start bouncing ideas and revisions in a hurry. My only request is to use the piece as an example of my work on social media. If not thats just fine I pride myself on my ability to keep my clients anonymous when they do not wish to be associated with my brand of deb ochery, and from a professional and social standpoint I think we can both agree theres a time and place for everything and I clock in after hours lol .

Don’t hesitate to ask me to draw anything nsfw/sfw I enjoy the process. Also I am open to revisions till the item in question exceeds your expectation so make my job easier by providing any reference you think best illustrates what you want captured. Any subtle details, proportion requirements, background preferences, color pallet, facial expressions etc., will make the process a-lot faster. I look forward to working with you.

And thank you for choosing Voyeur pillar for all your illustration needs. I hope you look forward to seeing your idea come to life as much as I enjoy drawing it for you!


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