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Author Comments

This is my submission for round 2 of NGADM. This round was difficult for me because I returned from a one-week trip to Belgium two days after the round began, and I was exhausted for the following week and also became busy with other things. I had fewer than two days to compose this song, but I'm still happy with the result.

I was inspired by a fictional character named Garance that a friend illustrated. Garance is reserved and doesn't try to socialize often, but she has a rich and vibrant personality once you get to know her.



  • Tuba (BBC Symphony Orchestra Core)
  • French Horn (Century Brass)
  • Trumpets (BBC Symphony Orchestra Core)
  • Cimbasso (Century Brass)
  • Piano (The Granduer)
  • Bassoon (Cinematic Studio Woodwinds)
  • Oboe (Cinematic Studio Woodwinds)
  • Piccolo (Cinematic Studio Woodwinds)
  • Flute (Cinematic Studio Woodwinds)
  • English Horn (Cinematic Studio Woodwinds)
  • Clarinet (Cinematic Studio Woodwinds)
  • Violins (Appassionata, BBC Symphony Orchestra Core, Anthology, CSS)
  • Violas (Appassionata, BBC Symphony Orchestra Core. CSS)
  • Celli (Appassionata, CSS)
  • Basses (Anthology)
  • Timpani (BBC Symphony Orchestra Core)
  • Piatti (BBC Symphony Orchestra Core)
  • Cymbals (BBC Symphony Orchestra Core)
  • Snare (BBC Symphony Orchestra Core)
  • Triangle (BBC Symphony Orchestra Core)
  • Glockenspiel (BBC Symphony Orchestra Core)
  • Celeste (BBC Symphony Orchestra Core)
  • Tubular Bells (BBC Symphony Orchestra Core)
  • Crotales (BBC Symphony Orchestra Core)
  • Tambourine (BBC Symphony Orchestra Core)
  • Bass drum (BBC Symphony Orchestra Core)
  • Harp (BBC Symphony Orchestra Core)
  • Chimes (Rhapsody Orchestral Percussion)


  • Gullfoss
  • Cinematic Rooms
  • Spectre
  • Ozone 9
  • Doubler 2
  • Precedence
  • Basic EQ
  • F6 Dynamic EQ

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great music keep it up!!!

Official ADM Review:
I scrolled over X3LL3N's review when I was listening to this for the first time. I didn't read it, but one word caught my eye: storytelling. And as much I want to do my own take on this, he kinda hits the nail right on the head there. The four sections each carry a clear emotion, following each other up in intuitively logical ways and painting a picture of Garance's life - looking at her picture again while writing this it is only now that I realize that's actually a stray hair coming down her forehead and not a Peanuts style nose, but that's neither here nor there.

There's little I can comment on the sound design. The choice of instruments is phenomenal and you know very well how to make them sound like an orchestra rather than a bunch of individual musicians. For a moment I feared this might not be the case, as - to me - the only thing that really stands out is the piano, introducing the arrival of the second section with its two bars of descending notes. It stands out from the rest of the instruments in how unnatural it sounds, which I think in part stems from the absolute lack of sustain (it somehow sounds too 'dead' to be mistaken for a real piano). But save for those two bars, whatever's left of the piano disappears into the ensemble and it turns out my worries were unfounded.

Likewise, there's little I can suggest on composition either. The different chord progressions between the sections work really well to carry the melody and keep things interesting without feeling forced, with the exception of the modulation going into the fourth section - it doesn't entirely come out of nowhere, but the lead-in and ensuing progression somehow don't entirely add up. I'm not knowledgeable enough of music theory to point out why this is the case, so purely going by my gut here. Another minor thing is the melody vs chords in the 2nd an fourth sections. In the 7th and 8th bars of the second section, the melody goes F#-G-A-C# over Em, so ending on a dissonant C# from the E major scale. While there's nothing inherently wrong with that dissonance, looking at it from a storytelling perspective it doesn't work for Garance, who might have found more joy if the chord progression starting that section were D-D-Em-A instead of D-D-Em-Em. (Hope I'm making sense here, it's hard to convey these things if you think you know what you're talking about, but not really how to actually say it D: )

But this is nitpicking, and that's all I can do here. You've done a great job, doing the young lady more than justice with an ode as beautiful as this. Good luck!

Everratic responds:

Thanks for the long and detailed review!

The piano is the one instrument in the entire mix that was recorded dry, whereas the other instruments were recorded stereo in a hall, so that's why it stands out to me. I do have "wet" pianos, but this particular piano had the right timbre for the song so I used it anyway. I do agree that it gets better when the mix is more full.

I agree that the modulation is not very smooth and seamless. This was intentional but it could have been executed better. Maybe it would sound nicer if performed by a real orchestra.

I don't think all dissonance is necessarily "dissonant". Dissonance can sound beautiful or charming in some contexts. I think that's the case here, for my ears at least.

I love your waltzes, Everratic. :D This sounds elegant, determined, and light-hearted. Once the strings come in at :39, you've really encapsulated a sense of wonder and majesty, like a child wading through a landscape made of candy. The oom-pah brass and oboe melodies at 1:18 add a nice sense of mystery and furtiveness for contrast, and the modulation at 1:58 helps brighten the tone for the last melodic section of the piece. Really lovely work overall! Good luck in the ADM. ^_^

Official Review for NGADM Round 2 (keep in mind this is the first one I'm judging) :

The storytelling here is amazing, I'm able to actually visualize various scenes with the music.

At first it kind of feels like being introduced to the first village of an mmo/fantasy movie. Then at 0:38, it almost feels like "a ballet".
At 1:13, it gets a much more "melancholic" vibe (if that's the right word), like if we were following a different character. It brings a change of vibe and I really like that !

There's a wide variety of instruments, like a symphonic orchestra. It's really cohesive, nothing feels out of place. They all have their own place and work together amzingly well (they don't overpower each other).

I think what I like the most here is the energy of the song and the fact I'm able to visualize it, which RARELY ever happens. I think a little soundscape in the background might have been a good addition, but it's probably just me :)

It's only just starting and this entry is already an extremely solid contender. Amazing job man. Definitely a solid contender :D

Love this!

Credits & Info


4.85 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2022
3:29 PM EDT
File Info
6.3 MB
2 min 45 sec

Licensing Terms

Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.