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I do 3D art in Blender. I've studied this program and art theory a lot and I am sure that I can provide you quality work for a reasonable price. I only take commissions for jobs that I am good enough at so the results end up as something I would be satisfied with as a customer.

Past projects:

I do:

3D illustrations of hard surface objects

Reference buildings based on your preferences/blueprints for your own projects

Optimized assets for games / Less optimized but more detailed assets for animations

Private lessons on a weekly basis for most of the basics and tricks I use to achieve my work

I don't do those because I am not good enough at them to provide quality work (yet):

Sculpting of organic shapes like characters or animals





I am working on improving in the categories I don't commission in yet so they will slowly become available as well. Pricing will be discussed privately, but since 3D art requires a lot more time and expensive hardware to create & polish than drawings my work starts at 50 euros (around 60 USD), increasing with the complexity of the product. I dedicate from 8 to 14 hours daily for days, even weeks in a row to achieve the results I have and as a human I must eat something and live somewhere. A part timer at McDonalds makes a lot more than I do on those pieces, so I would not call them expensive for the work put into them. The price is intended for personal use, a commercial license is 200%.

The private lessons are 5 euros (around 6 USD) per hour and you require a microphone, a discord account and to be able to speak and understand english or romanian.

Contact me through Newgrounds messages or on Discord ( EinMeister#4035 ) if interested.