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Art, animations and writing, all at an affordable price.

Just message me and we'll talk.

Here's my work:






Hello I'm doing commission portraits I'm really good at I can do realistic portraits of furries human aliens you named if you need creepy that I can do....

anyways I'm not wanting money just art will do... I need animation and I'm disabled and can't work... so I really need help so I am offering art in return for animations, art and voice acting....

for full characters it will cost you two characters, or two voice over files preferably wav format... for animation it will cost you 30 seconds of animation these are my prices

for a reference sheet or model sheet it will cost for animation it will cost you one minute of animation colored full colored and shadows....for voice acting it will cost 5 lines of dialogue.

for just face portrait it will just cost you either one drawing colored or 25 seconds of animation full line art refined but if you want it to be more realistic then it will cost 3 minutes of animation

if you want to see my work I'll limk it here...

Portaits: https://www.deviantart.com/xxdowntoearthfooxx/art/Dwportrait-895316698?ga_submit_new=10%3A1634622093

and link 2: https://www.deviantart.com/xxdowntoearthfooxx/art/dylan-sd1-794243218

for characters I link it here my work: bust: https://www.deviantart.com/xxdowntoearthfooxx/art/Scn-0041-838846459

for full I link here: https://www.deviantart.com/xxdowntoearthfooxx/art/Scn-0048-838847345

for creepy bust: I link here: https://www.deviantart.com/xxdowntoearthfooxx/art/Scn-0038-838845910

I can do pixel art too but I'm better at drawing if you want a cute 8 bit character it will cost you nothing just credit... but you must order a commission first ....

I can do realistic pixel art characters too but that it a lot of work so it will cost you extra art such as full character sheet or 5 minutes of animation....

to show you what I can do?

links: https://www.deviantart.com/xxdowntoearthfooxx/art/LizOrange-armed-strip16-863442760

top down : https://www.deviantart.com/xxdowntoearthfooxx/art/2021-Mature-Tds-Asset-Pack-881161892





when you make a commision request please give complete description so you get the best out of this.... if you wan the best result I remomend a reference...

I hate pokemon but if you request it I'll do my best to make a realistic character for you.... if you want pixel art...

animated pixel art will cost you 30 seconds of animation for each animation I do of pixel art...

anyways best requards... :)




Would you be interested in my animation services for any upcoming potential music video releases, business adverts, YouTube animations or anything else you can think of? My business is built around bringing unique and often wacky animated videos to bands for a reasonable and affordable price. I've worked with a lot of great bands over the last few years, started my own channel of more edgy comedy recently and have worked with Phil Campbell (Motorhead) for his solo single release "These Old Boots", featuring Dee Snider (Twisted Sister), Mick Mars (Motley Crue) and Chris Fehn (Slipknot).

Check out the links below and let me know if you're interested, first time clients get a discount!

Portfolio -


Showreel -


Many thanks


Hot Frog

Contact hotfroganimations@gmail.com