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Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT II: Uprising"

Loved this game until my save got ruined I had Eryn built up to his quake ability and when I reloaded he wasn't even part of my party. However my items I had used for my crafting were gone and all I had were basic weapons. This occurred at Rondo. Sadness but still fun game play prior. Fix for 5 star

TheEnkian responds:

Really sorry this happened to you, hopefully we'll be able to fix it and you can get back into it.

Also, Eryn? He? :P

You got a lot better!
Almost everything I had to criticise about the gameplay in the first part was far better here.
I will read through my first review again and check if whether or not you improved in this part.
- I could distinguish the characters a lot better. Most characters had their own colour scheme and their own unique way of attacking ( One threw a Shuriken while another was throwing dust for example) great improvement! Well the spells could still look a bit more spectacular but overall good!
- The fights felt more dynamic, as mentioned above, the new attack animations helped a lot. The background improved a bit even though they still look plain. Especial the one in the caves is boring to look at. I would also reommend to work on the size of the enemies. Most of them look very small and weak. If you take a look at for example Final Fantasy 6 most enemies are far bigger then the character, making them look more challenging. I do still see a lot of room for improvement here.
- The levels felt a bit more lively. I still do not like the many empty houses as well as the locked backdoors. I always think there could be something useful behind one of these doors. However I do understand that most people do want to lock the doors to their bedrooms or whatever is behind these doors. Another small step forward with room for improvement.
- Leveling was a lot better, enemies dropped useful stuff more often and the characters learned useful spells more often. Keep it up like this!
- Collecting money was also a lot better, thank you for making items buyable and useful!

Saving finally works, another big plus point.
I did however find another minor bug. Kyte always kept reapearing in the Inn with the same dialogue, however it did not annoy me.

As in the last game the sound, music and story were good and you slightly improved them. Keep the function of talking to squad mates up, I already liked the idea in the first part.

Overall a far better game. Try to make the combats a bit faster paced, try to create more lively terains and make spells more useful ( For example the healing spells was useless for me).
4/5 and 8/10, I am looking forward for part 3!

TheEnkian responds:

Glad to hear that so much of your issues with the game has been improved upon! That should always be our goal for each game, to take the bad points of the last game and fix them and to take the good points and make them even better.

My art style has improved a lot since I made the graphics for this game and the locations and characters in III will reflect that massively. I want every new place to stand out, whether that's an actual location or a battle background. I also think I'll do something similar to FFVI with the enemies in that they'll have a lot more detail than the characters in battle, but they'll be less animated. Not certain how that'll play out, but that's my current intention.

I tried to make towns feel like they were big by slapping loads of houses about, but in the end it doesn't matter how big it feels if it feels kind of empty at the same time. I'll probably reduce the number of houses in areas, but increase their size and give them more of an interior than a small, single room. Hmm, never heard about the Kyte bug yet. Oddly, during testing something similar happened with Lea, but that was fixed.

Thanks for taking the time to talk about the game in depth, I'm very glad that you thought this was such an improvement. I hope JUGGERNAUT III doesn't disappoint!

I can't seem to get a save file. I save and then go to the title screen to see it if works... Load game option doesn't work :/

Decent RPG, thanks for making enemy encounters so plentiful. Really enjoyed that.... >.>

I also thought it was funny how when Aura got knocked out, after Dagon and Eryn won the battle Aura was still the main character moving around in the open world like he was completely conscious.

TheEnkian responds:

He's a tough fellow, he powered through.

A wonderful game. It reminds me of the early series of Final Fantasy, like FF1. General speaking the quality, graphic, sound, etc. are just fine. I agree with one of the previous reviewer that a bestiary could be added so enemy drop could be checked. I also ran into a bug in the last town where I entered a house and the screened turned white and I could move at all and had to restart.

I do have a few questions though:
1. Where could I get the Cyber Steel?
2. How to get the "Masked Stranger" medal? Any hints?

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks very much! It's nice to hear comparisons to FF, it was a big influence. A bestiary is definitely a good shout for future games. If I remember correctly, Cyber Steel is the rare drop fom Aeratis. The Masked Stranger is one of the trickier secrets to find, haha. I'll give you a hint. A guy in the Mehrain Inn said that the place would be busier in a few weeks, try revisiting it later in the game.