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Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT II: Uprising"

I already suck at RPG games, and then I had to meet YiDICKna
nice game, nonetheless.

TheEnkian responds:

Haha, he's not too tough. Have Eryn on healing duty and make sure that Dagon knows Double Throw and you should be in a much better position.

Really great. Just one problem – I really want a map of the current area. But otherwise, really great.

i am not sure if im an idiot or something but i cant find any way to start the game o.O or is it becaus i am an bitch who uses Explorer?

TheEnkian responds:

It may be the browser, I can't say for sure. The game will show you the option "New Game" at the start for you to click on, if you don't see that, there's definitely an issue.

thanks for making me late for work tomorrow! This is a great game, very old school Kings Quest, keep it up. The only suggestion I would have is maybe add some puzzle elements.

TheEnkian responds:

Haha, my bad! I'm taking your lateness as a compliment though. Yeah, I'd agree that a few puzzle elements would make the progression a little more interesting. Thanks for checking it out!

not done yet but WOW! I love it. Voice acting is pretty good, great for a project this size. music is better than most games but could be better. wish i had a walk through tho. i'm either missing a sub quest or a slot was left blank. also i can't find the cold pod.

Bug report: sometimes in areas where you can enter battles bugs when you either play for too long or, as i noticed more often in my case, when you open another tab in the browser the music will get stuck on a second or half second loop.

last, any plans to redo the first? the save issue prevents me from playing at all which playing this one really irritates me because i want to finish that one.

TheEnkian responds:

Thank you :D I'll tell you for free that the Coldpod is in one of the Farstal Plains. The final quest will be unlocked after defeating the Coldpod, the Beast Master has three quests.

I considered it, but I'm not sure how worth it it would end up being. Honestly, you can play through the first without needing to save. The main storyline would only take half an hour or so.