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Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT II: Uprising"

In no particular order:
The towns needs to be differentiated; why can I purchase all upgrades and items from a little village at the very beginning?

The inn prices have too steep of a price increase, and there is no reason to not go to the first village and save 750N due to the previous point.

Items drops need to be modified slightly, and/or it needs to be made apparent what enemy drops what. I would suggest maybe putting a bestiary in the hunters lodge, it doesn't have to be detailed either (rocky armadillo has very THICK HIDE, etc).

Skill tooltips are useless; they provide basic information inferred from the skill names. For instance, I had NO idea that elemental abilities could cause status ailments until the castle at the end. I was even going to suggest removing elemental sphere abilities as they seemed pointless. Be concise, eg 'Elemental Sphere: Weak attack, chance of inflicting status', you could even remove the 'weak attack' part as the lower damage is observable over time.

Do the elements have any interplay? Certain weaknesses, strengths? Is that information easily available?

Be consistent with your bestiary and naming. Every enemy has a use, except the cats and the psychic squirrel at the start. I would suggest removing the cats, and having the squirrel drop the reinforcing powder rarely, or a very small amount of currency. Also, in that forest you had a warning sign 'beware of cats and dogs' when the actual enemies had different names.

The lost items quest did not update my reward money properly. I had to visit several towns before it was added to my balance.

I'm assuming void element has a chance to instantly kill? If so, you should update HP to zero instead of changing the 'is alive' marker. A character collapsed, on over 120 health, with no explanation as to why. Then when revived, the revive HP was added to the previous HP giving me 190 total, yet she was in a 'weakened' pose.

Graphically, you need a few changes.

There are no GUI indicators what to do in a smith shop.

Early levels are okay, but later (eg in the caves) it becomes rather bland and difficult to watch for any duration.

It is impossible to track the dust attacks, as the individual pixels are difficult to discern from the backgrounds. I suggest a cloud or smoke effect.

Enemy and party damage numbers are impossible to read in cave levels; white on goldenrod is not a good thing to do to your end users; maybe change the colour to red (a dark red, and darken the 'healing' green).

Maybe change the battle arenas to painted style backgrounds, similar to Final Fantasies, just to be more appealing. If you cannot do so, try to put a bit more colour/variety in them; add texture.

This is all I could pick up on before entering the castle proper.

Overall, a great effort, and clearly something you are passionate about. Just don't slump on the play-testing next time.

TheEnkian responds:

You have the option to be able to see the crafting stuff in the starting town, but most of the items (particularly the ultimate weapons) for them can't be acquired until later and I felt that if the player managed to save enough money for the Strengthening Crystals, then they deserve to be able to get the third weapon earlier.

The inn prices may be a little too steep, yeah. I think it was a good call to increase the price as they do on, but it may have been too big of a gap. It was more to offer the player a more convenient way to heal but they have to measure up whether it would be worth taking the time to travel back to the first time as opposed to somewhere that they may already be in.

A bestiary is a nice idea and I really like the idea of having those allusions to what creatures drop rather than just outright stating it. Good call. It may be worth putting in the next game. In fact, perhaps a full datalog with info on the places and characters you encounter?

Think of the Barkas and Purren as a breed of cat and dog rather than the actual species themselves, but I see your point. The sign was really just intended to be a bit of a joke.

Yup, the void sphere has an instant death chance. It's a smaller chance to take effect than the other status effects because of it's power. Yeah, there's an elemental strength/weakness chart. It's fairly standard when it comes to Fire > Wind > Earth > Water and then back to Fire. Light and Shadow do bonus damage to each other and Void does extra damage to other Void creatures.

Rest assured, the graphics will be entirely overhauled for the next one. The graphics for this game were mostly finished at the end of 2013 and I've had too many things going on to overhaul them near the end of development. I completely agree about the environments, they definitely need a lot more character. Each place should have something that make it unique whether the town maybe has a more Eastern theme, make one more of a peasant village with run down houses, etc. I'd like to do the FF style backgrounds for battles too, it'd be a nice way to show that the world has a lot more depth to it than the overworld sprites alone show.

I appreciate you taking the time to write such an in depth review. It definitely gives a lot to think about and ideas for changes to make next time. Hopefully when it's finished you'll see the big changes and improvements that I want it to bring :)

I found this to be a good game. I've had a rough day, so I want an easy medal or two. The best part was probably how it was easy to understand. I think it could have been more detailed, though. It does seem like a game that motivates you to go on. You have a nice voice cast too.

I thought KirbzVA was related to Kirbopher. I do not think so. The music is quite nice and soft. I always like people who create a large environment. It makes you remember how much work was put into making the game.

TheEnkian responds:

Haha, some of the medals will be easy, others will require a lot more work to reach. I don't believe there's any relation to Kirbopher there. Glad you appreciate the amount of work that's done into the game because believe me, there was a lot :D

Havn't played all the way yet, but been looking forward to this since the orginal. Thus far, have quite enjoyed myself.

The graphics are pretty simple, but perfectly suited to a game like this. Enemies remain distinct, and you can tell what things are supposed to be. Gameplay is easy enough, though a simple 'how to' on the main menu wouldn't hurt. I've only started on the plot, but seems to have a lot going for it.

The music and voice effects are good, but get very repetitive very swiftly. I'm not sure how you're doing on file size, but might look into having a couple of options, which randomly select when the effect trigger is set. ie, Aura having three or four things he might say upon ending a battle.

In all, seems a pretty solid RPG I'll be spending some time on this week. We'll see how it holds up over a longer period.

TheEnkian responds:

It's been a while since the first one, hasn't it? We actually started working on it properly about six weeks after the first one came out so it's been in production for quite a while. I hope you get a good bit of entertainment out of the plot, the game is pretty story-driven so hopefully you find the main characters likeable and the plot interesting.

Really nice game, i liked it, but its annoying that there are fights all the time, i make 1 step and theres a fight, hope you can fix that, after that its a really nice game

TheEnkian responds:

Random encounters, some love them and some hate them, haha. We kept a few of the maps that I originally planned to have encounters free of them in case it got a bit too much for some.

The game was pretty good, I tested the game and most issues I found are all fixed.

I like the characters, the story and thought the voice acting was a nice touch. Also the music was of a high quality as well.

TheEnkian responds:

Your support is always appreciated :)