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Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT II: Uprising"

Well, it sure was improvement over the previous one... Sadly some issues still remained.

Out of good stuff: Nice to see faster movement speed and a few other convenient quality of life fixes.

Out of bad stuff: Combat pace is still very slow, it could easily be 2x faster on most actions(some are already more or less fine, but most are way too slow). Encounters are even more frequent.. which is pointless since you can flee them anyway, making it more tedious than anything.
New game+ is really poorly done, I expected to finish some stuff really fast by fleeing most stuff and getting to content I missed faster, but fleeing is impossible and battles are even slower in NG+...
Medals are also still unreasonable just like in chapter 1 - for example the level medal could easily be 50k instead of 100k - 100k is just waaaay too much grind. As for levels - level 20 could easily be max instead and be much more reasonable considering there are 6 chars to level.. 25 is just too much - beat the optional cybeargator boss without much fuss on lvls 18-20 with best weapons.
And well, bugs again - in previous I couldn't earn medals because of reload bug and I didn't want to start game for 3rd time. In this one of the quest girl in Rondo just didn't appear like she was supposed to.

Well, basically if you are still planning to continue the series - there is a lot of room for improvement.

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks for the review! It's nice to see that people still play my old games. You're probably right about most of the issues, but because it was only our second game we've definitely learned a lot from it since. I'm still developing games and released a full length RPG on Steam at the end of January, Tale of Enki: Pilgrimage. I'd recommend checking it out if you want to see how much my art and game design has improved.

Nice work! Plays well. Shame it's not 8 directional, but has a real Final Fantasy vibe about it.

TheEnkian responds:

Don't get many reviews for this game anymore! Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for checking it out.

wow the animation for this is quite impressive and no lag!

Better than the first but I HATE that we have to use the mouse to interact with things.

TheEnkian responds:

We thought it would be an easier way to do things, but possibly not. One hand on the keyboard for movement, the other on the mouse. You know?

I don't think it'll be a control scheme we'll use again. We'll probably stick to just keyboard, just mouse or both, but fully controllable from either.

I Can't craft itens, I try to select the materials to craft, but nothing. :/

TheEnkian responds:

You need to have the materials collected in the right quantity and then click craft. You never need to select any.