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Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT II: Uprising"

Ermmmmm...I can't do anything. I'm stuck with this picture of the title and a sunrise but other than that, nothing. Help me. Also, THIS is why most games have a 'Press Start to play' message. >:(

TheEnkian responds:

It does have a "Play" button followed by the "New Game" option. The negative review was unnecessary, you could have just sent us a private message and we'd have been happy to help.

Really nice to see a larger scope RPG on Newgrounds like this. The art is really nice, and the music fits the atmosphere really well. Lots of items and NPCs to talk to too, and subquests are a nice touch. While the programming works fine and there don't appear to be any bugs, unfortunately the gameplay is just a bit dull to me.

The random battles really slow down the pace, and don't seem to consist of much more than clicking attack until stuff dies (The skills don't seem to be particularly useful). Maybe some sort of auto-battle function that just automatically attacks whatever is at the top would speed things along a bit. I know a good RPG is very hard to make, so it might just be the nature of the project. Congrats on what you were able to accomplish with such a small team!

As a side note, I sometimes found it difficult to get through narrow passages (such as the bridge in the first town) and doors. Maybe increase the walkable area by a bit?

TheEnkian responds:

Woo! First review is positive! Thanks for checking out the game.

The skills get more useful as the game goes on and boss battles are a good bit trickier without them. Some characters get ones that hit all enemies at once, heal, inflict status effects, etc. The attack is intentionally not all that weak just because it drives me nuts when RPGs make you rely almost solely on your MP for the entire game.

Yeah, I totally get the narrow entrances thing. That's the entire reason we intentionally slowed the character down for doors :P It may not have been quite enough it seems.

Anyway, glad you ultimately liked it. Thanks again for playing!