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Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT II: Uprising"

An excellent rpg game. 5 stars

But i got three doubts

- I don't find where's the masked stranger, as i see is a secret medal but i don't if it is a boss , a quest , a npc. I've been through every villages,plains ,yidakna's hall , all rooms of deserted castle.

- I have only one quest remainding but i couldn't even found it the quest i have are:
Story Quests:
- Find Dagon
- Reach Mount Fartha
- The Juggernaut of Shadow
- Reach Kanneah
- Lea's Money
- Reach the Deserted Castle
- Juggernaut of Wind

Side Quests:
- Grain for Vark
- Teardrops in the Forest
- Scattered Possessions
- Capaka Root
- Lost in the Tunnels
- [??????????????Quest i'm missing??????????????]
- Save a Life
- Defeat a Coldpod
- Defeat a Super Shinybug
- Defeat a White Bloodbat.

-What's is the level and requirements to become they Super.
Example: Super Aura - Super Kyte - Super Lea...

And excellent game better than the first version.

TheEnkian responds:

The Masked Stranger appears in the Mehrain Inn when you're near the end of the main quests. The next quest is a girl who appears in Rondo after the Yidakna quest. The levels required are 25 to get the Super Medals. It's the maximum levels for characters in the game, enemies can go higher though in New Game+

Very glad you enjoyed it!

I played both eps of Juggernaut I will have to say that there's lot of improvement in this one compared to the previous one. It has good story and dialogues, side quests, better animation and graphics, difficulty and item drop rate is decent (not ridiculous like the first one), buyable items and equipment, and voice acting. You got all the basics of a good SNES/old-fashioned RPG covered, although there are lots of improvements needed to be done IMO.

The first thing that ticks me off is that I have to use both keyboard and mouse. While it might not bother many people, it feels awkward and less smooth for me. It'll be much nicer if I can just use either keyboard or mouse only.

Also, the encounter rate is too high. It is stupid when I can't walk for more than 5-10 secs in peace. Either reduce this or provide us with encounter-decreasing items.

Magics needs some improvement/balancing as well. The elemental spheres, for example, are practically useless. Doesn't deal more than normal attack even on the beginning, and damage doesn't scale. Same thing goes to other magics and heal. I'd rather use a pot than a 57hp heal.

Equipments are scarce. There are only weapons available, and they don't give any bonuses or anything except for extra damage. It suits the game because there's no stats system, but if you want to make it that simple, additions of armor(s) and/or accessory(ies) will be much appreciated.

Lastly, the levels and towns feels a bit empty. I'm not even sure how to explain it clearly, but try to make the towns smaller in size or make the houses larger, or both? More texture and terrain variation on the floor might help as well.

All in all, this is a nice game but still have lots of places for improvement. As I have said before ,you got all the basic needs covered. I'm looking forward for ep 3.

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks, I'm glad that you thought this was a big progression from the last one. Fair enough comment about the dual keyboard/mouse thing, it's definitely something to think about for JUGGERNAUT III. I'm not certain if we'll do it like this or not, but I'm considering the idea of having enemies appear on the overworld rather than random encounters. It'll be a little more work graphically, but if it improves the game enough, it could be very much worth it.

The spheres actually inflict status effects so they can be very useful even late in the game. The mistake was not making it more obvious that that's most of what their purpose is. The skills and spells will definitely be overhauled though, they'll have more impact and grow a lot more through the game than just having to rely on basic attacks and one or two skills.

I think we might go slightly back to the way of JUGGERNAUT I and have accessories in the game, possibly armour, but I don't know at the moment. I'm not sure if that'll be down to crafting or found in chests and shops yet.

I actually mentioned that in response to another review. Although there are plenty of houses and NPCs in town, the areas themselves lack character. I think it's at least partially a graphical issue, having more detailed graphics can make the houses look bigger and stand out more, a few more people running around actively could help too as well as various things littering the town like crates, barrels, flower pots, etc.

Thanks for the in depth review, hopefully JUGGERNAUT III can really deliver on all of this stuff :)

How much freaking health does that cybergator have????

TheEnkian responds:

Ha, you should try fighting him on New Game+. It skyrockets higher.

good graphics and the game is excellently programmed. I can tell a lot of time and effort went into it. From the menus to the quests, and even the tiny sparkles in the water. Good job on that.

I don't like that the first two characters look identical. You can point out their hair and clothes color but otherwise they look like the same character. Even Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior had distinct characters and they were made in the 80s.

I'd also like to see more variety of the monsters. The first forest was just filled with dog/rat clones with no distinction other than color. The next area was just a bunch of mantises. Adding more monster varieties will help prevent waning interest.

Also, what was the point of having the void and shadow sphere skills when they did about the same damage as a regular attack? Again, you have two characters who look the same, using the same skill. Don't tell me this is part of the plot where Dagon is like the future version of the other guy; or that they are related (siblings or father/son.) Even if that's your angle, I'm bored when I'm fighting the same enemies, using the same skills between characters whom look the same. It's too much.

You get my point. Ultimately, I felt everything was just too similar.

Speaking of the battling system - I would like it if the combat system had a timing feature (ie: Mario RPG; Legend of Dragoon) where you hit a button at a certain time to land successful or critical hits. Something like this would help make the game keep my interest longer.

You put a lot of effort into the game and I'll award three stars for that. But as soon as I hit Rondo, I didn't feel the need to go further. I'd love to try your future attempts, though. Keep at it!

TheEnkian responds:

Identical? The only thing they have in common is the black outline. Different hair, clothes, eyes, skin tone, Dagon has stubble, Aura has a scar. Not really sure where the identical thing is coming from. No, they're not related in any way either.

Yeah, there's only about 20 different enemies in the game. I'd like to double that for the next game, it'd allow for more variation in the battling too. As for the spheres, they have the chance to inflict status effects. Shadow Sphere can blind an enemy and Void Sphere has a (smaller) chance of instantly killing a non-boss enemy.

Hope you do try out the third one when it comes out! Thanks for checking this one out.

Too bad, I was getting into the game, but it won't save it at all. At first I wandered around the town and saved and quit, noticing right away I had no game to load. Bug, right?

I start over, get Dagon, leveled up, even upgrade their weapons and getting to Rondo. Saved every time I could. And now, no game to load at all. Whatever.

Brings me back to the SNES game Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. Very 2D with comprehensive turn-based battle and leveling system. Fun while it lasted.

TheEnkian responds:

It must be, MSGHero is likely to be of more help than I could be. Sorry about the problems!