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Reviews for "JUGGERNAUT II: Uprising"

this game is awesome but after went to the sadow juggernaut i couldnt kill him and i didnt know what to do (i played in anather webside so it doesnt show i did things on it)

TheEnkian responds:

I'd suggest having a few Potions handy and making sure that you can use Dagon's Smoke and Double Throw abilities. Use Eryn for healing and use Dagon and Aura to pile on as much damage as you can.

Hmmm....Though not very far into the game, I would have to say the one thing I still don't get is the elements. Is there a reason for them? It's clearly pointed out with every enemy. Furthermore, your character's element is in the status screen, which obviously tells you what element their attacks are. Mind you I haven't gone very far in the game, but still fought enemies with: Void, Shadow, Wind, Earth, and Fire elements. And with every one of them my elemental attacks didn't seem to make a difference in damage. In fact the physical attack always ended up being stronger.

I guess the real question is; Do they matter? There was no indication as to whether or not an enemy was resistant to an element I hit it with. The elements I have being Void, Shadow and Earth. Maybe the enemies did resist, or maybe I was actually dealing normal damage. I can't tell.

It would be nice if the game had a small info page or something to shed some light on the use of elemental attacks.

TheEnkian responds:

Yeah, the explanation for that was lax to say the least so I'll try and summarise it or you here. The elemental sphere attacks have a chance of inflicting a status effect on enemies (death in the case of void), otherwise the spheres are weak. Fire does extra damage to Air, Air to Earth, Earth to Water and Water to Fire. Light an Shadow do extra damage to each other and Void does extra damage to Void. There aren't any resistances so don't worry about hitting water enemies with fire attacks and so on.

great basic rpg game but some things bug me battles are kind of slow as Denton said there's too meany random battles and i also wish there was an auto battle the story is good so far and the voice acting but it seems a bit plain the Forrest seems to be mostly just one tree sprite pasted over and over to make a wall i understand it simpler but would ass more to the appeal is all but all in all so far a great game i enjoy it aside from those things i mentioned

TheEnkian responds:

Yeah, graphically, the game isn't as impressive as a lot of the stuff I'm working on at the minute. The graphics are maybe a year old at this stage as most of them were finished by the time that the game started being programmed. For the next one, I'll be overhauling all of the sprites, tiles, etc. and I'll also try to make each location stand out in some way. Travelling through a forest? How about some different plants and maybe a non-hostile wild creature. Going through a cave? Have some crazy fungi glowing to light up the place, maybe an underground river too.

Auto-battle is something I'm hesitant to use because I feel that it really takes the player out of the game even though it's definitely useful for powering through battles to get items and experience. We'll probably make the locations bigger in the next game, but also drop the encounter rate a fair bit so that it seems a lot more spaced out and gives the player a chance to explore the place a little without worrying about a battle every couple of seconds.

Great game! Reminds me of the classic Rpg's on the SNES.
The only thing that bugged me is that there are to many random battles, so it's a good thing that you have a 100% chance to flee. I really wished there was an auto battle function in there. As it's getting tedious after a while.

I also had a crash in Kanneah, it happened after i payed Lea 5000n inside the house in the middle of a cutscene. No other bugs were found.

I love this game and i hope to play part 3 in the future. (if there's gonna be a part 3)

TheEnkian responds:

Thanks for the kind words! There most definitely is going to be a JUGGERNAUT III, it's planned as a four part series with a definite ending so expect them in the next year or two. Each will be bigger, better and more entertaining than the previous :)

Hey, so I just finished your game, and after reading some other comments, I thought I'd let you know about a couple of bugs. You seem to want to know about these, so please understand I'm not stating these as insult, just trying to be helpful. For some reason, in that first forest level between the isolated houses on the right path, my character started to constantly walk to the right. I could over-ride it by pressing left, but it wouldn't stop once I let go. That cleared up once I left the map, area, forest, whatever. Accessing the menu did not help however. Also, in the final castle before Valkyrie, after a random battle the background music on the map shortened and skip-repeated to only about 4 notes. That cleared up after another random battle. Hope this is helpful, good luck with your future endeavors.

TheEnkian responds:

Nah, don't worry, it's not taken as an insult. I appreciate you letting me know about the bugs. Other than the couple of bugs, I hope you enjoyed the game :)