Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

Truely Amazing

Watching this series has been quite a ride! Everybody on the Broken Saints team has amazing talent! I would love to see this made into a movie and I am definitely buying the DVD. Just one question, any plans for another project for the broken saints team? If you make it, they will come... 8-) GREAT JOB GUYS!

Wow! a sad...... but loving ending

Wow.... It's over....... Broken Saints made me think about a lot of things like what I'm going to do with my life, and I'll always remember this series. Oh yeah, and to answer Munin_Raven's question: It was Shandala who used her power to save Oran and Raimi, I know it's kinda confusing, but that's how they survived.


BUT...It took up so much of my life! What do I do now?!!!

Seriously, great flash, great series and a beautful plotline. I still don't get the people who didn't like it though. Yes, it is pretty much still shots, and yes it doesn't have voice acting. It has been that way from the start. Most of us still like it. It is more the idea behind the story than the pretty animations, or how good the voice actors sound that makes us like it.

To the person who thought that the DVD would be boring because it "...has no voice acting..."
Read closer. One of the selling points of the DVD is that it has voice acting. If they put the voice acting into the flash, there would be no reason for people to buy the DVD too.

Well, enough bitching about other people. The series was great, and I just wish there was more to it. Looking forward to more from you all.

Thank you for this blessing

This moved me to tears. I have not cried in years, but with this final episode tears of joy beauty and sorrow intermingled on my cheeks. Thank you.

Wow, I mean Wow!

It took me a full week and many late nights to watch the entire series, but I could not stop watching. I've told everyone I know about this series and even e-mailed the site to some firends. This is one of the best flash movies I have seen, and I rarely write reviews, but I could not let this one go with out writting a few words. Wow, I wish I could say more, but I am so overcomed by the ending that I have to stop here. Just Wow one more time. I hope to see more by this team of animators, you have done wonders in this media. Thank you for your work.