Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

God is here

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

24 chapters.
24 hours.
24 letters in the greek alphabet...
the last being Omega.

Alphas and Omegas.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this series.

Wow, I mean Wow!

It took me a full week and many late nights to watch the entire series, but I could not stop watching. I've told everyone I know about this series and even e-mailed the site to some firends. This is one of the best flash movies I have seen, and I rarely write reviews, but I could not let this one go with out writting a few words. Wow, I wish I could say more, but I am so overcomed by the ending that I have to stop here. Just Wow one more time. I hope to see more by this team of animators, you have done wonders in this media. Thank you for your work.

(sigh of release)

Brilliant; I can say little more. This whole series has just been brilliant. I hope I can remember to buy the DVD, and slide the BS crew some mulah for their effort. Props, fellows. Major props. You've done the web-accessing world a favor with this.


dude the least you could've done was put people talkin instead of little bubbles


Thank you. For everything you've done in completeing this masterpiece, I thank you. Please continue on your journey and allow the rest of us to sit in.

Thank you, for touching my...OUR souls.