Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

damn!i wish it never ends..

that was the best series of animation i ever saw!really sad that it had to end..*sob*...from the first chapter to the last,it was excellent, marvelous work!i was instantly hooked right from the first chapter...i watched non-stop from then...you guys so totally rock!i can't beleive there are actually people who didn't like it...they just probably didn't understand or didn't even try to see big picture...it really stirred up a lot of emotions in me and made me reflect on a lot of things...old and new...it truly is a must see...and for those who didn't enjoy it,i pity them because they don't know what they have just missed...i wish someone turns this into a movie!nothing was missing...makes me all brain-fried just thinking about how much thought,time and hard work you guys put into this...just so you know...it was truly and greatly appreciated!i hope more of your great works will come...i will be watching every single one of them!thank you guys!more power to you!god bless!

This Review Is For The Series As A Whole

This is the most beautiful piece of art that I have ever had the priveledge of viewing. The art was amazing. The finale brought me to tears and it takes alot to do that. I am glad you did not bend to what the people who did not like this wanted your vision to be. This would not have the same effect if it was "more upbeat" or more like the norm of what you see on the internet. I spent 12 hours of my life and I see them well spent on viewing this fantastic piece of art. Please make more art like this. I would gladly witness it. You have earned my respect and my money. I will buy the DVD asap and spend another 12 hours of my life.

And now that i have seen the whole picture

i would like to say thank you.

this is an amazing piece of work. what a joy it must have been for all the people involved in the production of such a piece of beauty. 2 weeks i have taken to view every piece in this series, and for 2 weeks i felt i was feeling a dream. this story is purely magical and amazing. the honor and fame you acheive from this you truely deserve.

i gave you a 5, wished i could give you a 10 when you know you deserve a 20.....

while this piece speaks loudly with wonderous beauty and skill there were a few things that could have made this piece a little more enjoyable. and while i write this they have all already been corrected and packaged for many more to see it. these corrections are sound... i longed to HEAR the characters words... the phonetics of the different cultures portrayed... the words having to be read betrayed the honusty and emotion of some of the scenes.

as i watched the story unfold i took time to visit the website and was pleased to see the story in entirty being sold as a dvd set. many times during the viewing of this series i wish i had a pause button so i wouldn't miss anything but i didnt. so i found myself having to watch a few of the episodes 2 or 3 times to catch the whole story.

i hope that you have more creative ventures planed and possibly new stories to share with the rest of the world. i enjoyed stepping into your world and will be more pleased when i can view the dvd to see all fo the new features in which have been included.

"may the ancients be with you all on your journey through this life and the next"
-Sir Seraph deFallen


It has been a long time since I last cried upon a movie...

Ages I would say, and this proves you were succesfull in what you were trying to do : to portrait human feelings, and to pass them onto others.

I just saw it and well... It is amazing. I will buy the DVD as soon as it goes out in ZONE2, if it hasn't already...

... And a few last words... Thank you, and Namastè.

God is within everyone of us, it watches silently... We have all in ourselves enough to be Saints.


I never felt so much emotion in any story

This series is so amazing, first fear, then suspense, then anger, laughter, sadness, and so many more emotions, this is a true story from the heart.

Those that are new to newgrounds should definately check out this series...
I can't think of anything... that sums up this series, it's just too good a story teller...
Thank you, thank you, thank you in giving me the best story and the best drawings that I have ever seen, even by Adam Phillips.

*bows* I'm not even worthy.
What I'm trying to say is this... I cannot think of anything that is good enough to say about it...