Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

Beautifully Amazing!

That was incredible, Everything in it all the little details outstanding, brilliant, terrific! ok i will shut up now...


you should get this script to a filmproducer.
with a story like this you can shake up the world.
really KUDOS TO YAH!

You need not a title

You need not a title
Or even a score
How could one ask
For anything more?
A poetic series
Forged from the hands
Of a symbolic master
Of who's work moves like sands.
Your a god among insects
A genius no doubt
You ultimate insight
Is what life's all about

THE greatest series I have EVER seen

This was amazing. Completely and utterly. A work of genius.

it left me breathless

to quote another newgrounder, "this is not mearly an animation, this is art." there truly is no other word to discribe it. the ending left me in tears, and a profound sence of euphoria all at once. there will never be an animation that reaches the same calibur again. this thing will only happen once, and i was proud to have witnessed it.