Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

Hands down. Best-ever.

You are really going places. Now i've seen the "greats" on Newgrounds, but this surpasses them all, by far this is a ten, if i have ever seen anything more beautyful, it would only be the stars in the sky. What really got me was the storyline, i almost cried a coupla times watching this series. I know this will be on the front page, and it deserves to be, and anyone who dosen't like this, i know it's your opinion, but if you have the stupidity to gives this less than a 4, you have no real concept for art, and you should have your account revoked. XD Once again, great job, and i'll be looking out for your name in the portal, from now on, you got my 5 in whatever you do. -O_x


i hope u start another series man, u stuff is like the cocaine of flash.


This movie is deep...it has real meaning. Good job man, you really made a good piece of work here.

A truely remarkable piece of artwork.

I am no flash artist.

I have no published works of art.

My only writings are mere scribbles in the margins of a notebook when compared to what you have created with this deep and meaningful series. At the outset, when the Saints began their quest, I couldn't imagine the scope of the events that they would eventually become a part of.

You have delivered upon us a heartfelt and wonderful message of peace, understanding and the detrmination and will of the human spirit. May whatever divine force that oversees us deliver blessings that your message resonate throughout the ages.

Combination of superior artwork, style found normally in graphic novels, a soundtrack that had me scrambling for days through stores to find a copy(still no luck) and the best writing I've read in any flash entry ever, has given me much to think about.

These past two weeks have been great, thanks to your series. I wept inwardly for the losses, smiled at the joy, and pondered at the philosophies, so real and defined were the characters potrayed in this tale of sacrifice and renewal.

Once again, thank you so very much for visiting talents as great as those who made this incredible art upon our humble minds.

Broken Saints, I am not worthy.

Oh My God...That was awsome...

Wow! That was the greatest flash i have ever seen. It was a masterpiece. You are an Artist my good man. And one of the Greatest. Rock On!!