Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us here on NG. There is no means of expressing the gratitude that I personally have, in exchange for this experience that you have given me. I look forward to what the DVD's must have in store. These are the most thought-provoking messages I have encountered in a long time. Good luck to you and the creators in the future.

ok so i was wrong

sorry to the last reviewer... very long review... anyways last episode i said thank you,.. as in thank you for this great series... i thought it was the end... nope this was... this was great... thank you for this great series... if u guys are gonna keep makin comics i would love to see the next one... watched every episode in awe... thanks again

Holy crap

With these graphics, storyline, and music this has to be one of the best if not the best series on Newground.

Good bye.

No words, but a feeling can only say what I can mean for
Broken Saints.
Goodbye Kamimura, Shandala, Raimi, and Oran, and all others that live today.
You must understand the upmost too opposites.
The one we live, the one imposed of millions of horrors, compared to one that doesn't exist yet, the live of love.
What do we give when this will happen, and upmostly it will, where the two extremes are in front of us. Do we coware in seperate fear, or fighting back, only to die in vain, or get on side of fear and become it? Or what of love? Love is an exprience, not an attachment, and is the only thing that anyone will ever need, ever.
Not an invisible god, as this bring fear to believe and bow to a presents not known, and anguish in its arguement of its defense.
Not a job, not sex, not hunting or killing, not saving lives, not nothing could ever amount to the heart of love, where everything is turned assunder and destroyed from fear.
Do not be afraid, but be consicous of that one day, fear will get you, anger will get, you, wasted millionths as in science and religious difference will get you. Love is the ininite truth, all else is an illusion.

This is the defenition of epic.

The story pulled me through a void of philosophical questions and seemingly flawless character development. No other plot has had such a deep impact, however i don't just put this down to concept. I feel this is because of the powerful way in which the story is delivered. You successfully toyed with every thought that came into my mind. This is the first reason i gave this a '10' for interactivity. The second is due to the artwork that has gone beyond any manga or comic style and become almost stylistically familiar.
However my favourite element to this entire flash series is the music. It is brilliantly orchestrated to suit any emotion this series can cause and uplift the spirit. Not only that, but every sound has been placed at a point to construst this flash beyond what even the unfathomable depth of the plot could predict.
I look forward to purchasing the DVD and hearing the voice-acting as i feel this would continue to improve the masterpiece that is broken saints.