Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

I'm giving this a high score because...

It's the last one.

There won't be any more of this crap cluttering the portal, and for that I am happy.


I enjoyed the series very much, and you have done well.


The best series EVER

words fail me. this series is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. i have read the book series of "Left Behind", and all the time while watching this, i would start thinking about it. I mena, this is it. i dont think i can ever look at another flash without comparing it to this. i was so moved by this movie, i actuall ycried a little bit(and im a guy!!!). the only thing that i was kinda dissapointed in was Shandala and Kamimura not coming back. At the end of 24 act 5, i was like, NOOOOOOO!!! THEY ALL DIEd!!!, but then i was like, phew, good, but then i died inside a bit because they died. but you wrote it. And i loved it. i am so buying the dvds.


WOW! I just finished watching the movie and I am shocked!!! I actuly liked the pace of the story because I never wanted it to end. But a fast forward, pause, rewind button or even a seen selection would have been helpful. What would happen if you relesed it into theaters!?! I think it would be a winner. You could be the first of your kind to win an oscar! Think about it.

thank you

having just finished watching the whole series i feel i should finally leave a review. all i can say to truly sum it up, is thanks for creating it.