Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"


wow you've just found a new fan of your work , i mean that was just amazing , never seen something like that in ng
the comic slide show , the music , the sory , all was just perfect nice work!
5/5 ez

i look foward for more of this pieces of art =)

thers onley 1 word to sum this up...

totalyfuckingamazingbrilliant!! w00t


This series was the best of all NG series....I think the drawings were great and the music was pretty good. I like all the Chapters and me and my friends were thinking if they should ever make a season 2 or something....Probaly not. So thanks NG for putting this on and great job on making it.


what the hell was that??? really i dont understand it :{


this had to be the best series ever. ive been watching for quit a bit of time but now its over. i fell like if that were real that would be some f'd up stuff but id like to see it for some reason. the art grew to be some of the best there is on this big ass site the music added quite a bit of mood to this whole thing. i cant bleave only five people did this whole series.
cheers to 3 years of of insane and hard work