Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

No Animation Talent Needed

None of the broken saints flashes require animation talent, they just zoom into images and fade in and out. I gave graphics a 10 because the drawings are nice but animation takes no talent.


It had decent art, but aside from that, it was nothing but a slide show. This submission merely takes up bandwidth from the newgrounds server. In other words, you draw good, but in flash, you suck something awful. Learn how to actually animate stuff before getting involved in flash and stealing a good ranking that someone who actually worked hard for deserved.

oh yeah, ur plot sucked ballz too.

this was gay..o_O"

wat a waiste of time..all these are about is no animation, and people talking

this series SUCKS!!!!..i feel like im watching reading rainbow 9_9"


No offence or anything but your a really bad geek like Joshua Oakley aka. Bum Gneekley (01803-400294).

Ps. i'm a lvl 64 half elf on D&D (Dungeons and Dragons)
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dude the least you could've done was put people talkin instead of little bubbles