Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"


WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....Broken Saints have finally come to an end...it is bad in that there will b no more, but it is good in that the story has come to an end.
This is was truly a masterpiece and i hope it is remembered for its achievements.
and all those spamers (who rapes mutts) whos bin goin on about omg do it in flash:quit doing heroin and open ur eyes and mind

heaven's fires will kiss the sea...

i watched the whole thing today since i was sick and couldn't go outside and i have to say very touching i almost cried not really but it was ok i guess.


I feel sorry for the people who can't appreicate art. Just because it's not animated doesn't make it any less of a flash. Plus i think he did animate that mouse pointer anyways! This was a great way to end an amazing series. I can't wait to see what you create next! even better if its the same team of people!


damn this series was too great man i only wish for voices so i can remember the very memory of this experament and god save the souls who have never seen this series! i pity them and wish for them to give this series higher points so it never disappears

The Best Series Ever

This series was brillaint, well worth the time, deep, emotional and powerful, the art was brillaint though twisted at times.

Am here almost crying my eyes out. i will be buying the DVD and i will be buying the game whenever it is realised.

Congratulations to the four of you for this execellent Comic Book Flash Animation Series, and i hope to see more of it.