Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

Perfection to the Limit!

A perfect finale for something we've watched for ages and enjoyed.

I love the crisp panoramic views, especially at the beginning.

wow, its over.

You infested the portal like daily toon did. Except yours was good.

this is great

this is a great series in general it is very intresting.
love the comic book like style eventhoug it is alot of reading.
it is one of the few things on newgrounds that you could call "Intellectual".
great Job.


Wacky?!...you fools!

Weather you made this or not, I dont care!...give yourselves more credit....that was beautiful...truely beautiful...


Ever since the first episode I was drawn into this series and became addicted. I felt like I experienced every emotion that each character experiened and probably got teary eyed a few times. This series was indeed the work of true geniuses. (I know all of the rating options arent featured in this episode but i couldnt help but give all 10's)