Reviews for "Broken Saints FINALE"

This was the best flaschserie i´ve ever watched

This really rocked. It was the best flasch animation I have ever seen.

The story was so deep, the series were very touching, had also a lot of interesting symbols in it. Made me think of many things. Even had a little bit of humor in it sometimes. I watched it 2 times now, and everytime watching it was a great time. Defenitely the best storie I ever received in an film or game.

How did u do this fantastic work? It was really fascinating. Hope it´s worth watching it a fourth time in a few months.

I´m looking forward to buy a DVD of Broken saints.


It has been a long time since I last cried upon a movie...

Ages I would say, and this proves you were succesfull in what you were trying to do : to portrait human feelings, and to pass them onto others.

I just saw it and well... It is amazing. I will buy the DVD as soon as it goes out in ZONE2, if it hasn't already...

... And a few last words... Thank you, and Namastè.

God is within everyone of us, it watches silently... We have all in ourselves enough to be Saints.


Great Series!

This is the best flash on Newgrounds! I love every single episode, They are GREAT!!! im going to buy the DVD 8 november 2006 (thats the date it comes in norway :D )
This is the BEST!

PS: This is more ART than it is FLASH!
Please make more like this!


this had to be the best series ever. ive been watching for quit a bit of time but now its over. i fell like if that were real that would be some f'd up stuff but id like to see it for some reason. the art grew to be some of the best there is on this big ass site the music added quite a bit of mood to this whole thing. i cant bleave only five people did this whole series.
cheers to 3 years of of insane and hard work


i look at this and say wow

I have spent two days watching this series and I’m glad to say that it has truly been amazing. I fell watching this has completed me. Thank you.

12/21 my b day lol