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God's Assassin

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A text-based "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style game about evil, math, drugs and God.

Please be warned that this game pokes fun at religious concepts pretty aggressively! My own beliefs changed quite drastically right after I wrote it, though. You can read that bizarre little story at we-are-1.net.

I hope you enjoy the game -- please leave comments!

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it did not work for me

GregLoire responds:

Sorry to hear that! Did you get a text load error after starting a new game? (I really shouldn't have had the game call text externally...)

I played this game a very long time ago - I didn't even have this Newgrounds account - and always recommended it to my friends. It's a masterpiece. The concept of god, the art, the music, the accurate portrait of drug effects, the characters, the humor. Everything in this game is perfect. It actually changed my views of what I could expect from a flash game.

It's interesting that nowadays my beliefs have somewhat changed, just like yours. However, this doesn't make this game any less perfect.

Anyway, I only now realized I had never given a feedback. So here it is.

May Stan be with you.

GregLoire responds:

Wow, thank you so much for this review -- it really made my day/week/month (effect duration TBD!).

It's great that your beliefs are changing. I don't know what they used to be or what they've changed into (I'd be happy to learn over PM), but changes usually represent a reaching a higher level of understanding about something, so congrats! :)

such a funny game! a bit of a smart alek, though.

GregLoire responds:

Thank you! And very fair criticism, haha.

I realy like your writing,
it's kinda funny cause when I'm really bored and music porn or sport dosen't do enything to me i imagen similar stories and writing styles.

I would write it down, but even in my native German i would make so many typos it just wouldn't be enjoyable.
But hey...good job :)

I read the whole thing on we are 1.net and I say congratulations. I am glad you changed faiths. not that I hate atheists, but I pray that god walks with you in your path. there are many bible study groups in Lodi and Sacramento. Disciple is a really good Christian metal band and I am here if you want to do a bible study through PM. I am proud of you. it is my earnest hope that god helps you become strong in your faith and builds you up in your weakness.

GregLoire responds:

Thanks for the spiritual support! Since "crossing the gnostic threshold of enlightenment" (or whatever you want to call this), I've been involved in a couple of esoteric mystery schools and am currently studying the Qabalah (I'm actually running a monthly Qabalistic study group at a Masonic temple right now, which is definitive proof that I never have any idea what I'll be doing with my life 5 years out).

If there is one thing that I have learned since I first started writing the first draft of this story many years ago, it's that reality is super weird and none of us will ever fully understand it. But equally weird was the revelation of what's possible to know from a human perspective -- specifically, that we are all literally experiencing fragments of the same one infinite consciousness (ie. Kether/Ehyeh/the One/the central "I am" presence within all of us), which is responsible for manifesting our shared physical reality.

For those who find that last statement ridiculous, my Past Self is right there with you, and that's the "center" from which God's Assassin was written. I remain of the firm stance that sincere truth-seeking counts for way more than whatever your current truth may be. Whether any of my writing resonates with you or whether it sounds like complete bullshit, nothing makes me happier than seeing people thinking for themselves and reaching their own conclusions about the nature of themselves and their own reality.

I wish you the best upon your own spiritual path -- I'm still not onboard with the exoteric Christian dogma of an anthropomorphic God separate from ourselves, but The Bible is still loaded with plenty of occult wisdom for anyone with eyes to see. :)