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Reviews for "God's Assassin"

cant even play the game. whatever ad is displayed on this game upon opening crashes my plugin every time. other games here work fine, but this one crashes on the opening ad.

GregLoire responds:

I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems, but the game doesn't have any ads beyond whatever Newgrounds is running. It's not even sponsored.

I reached my first ending and found it funny. Reached the second and was chuckling....by ending 5 I was bored out of my mind.

This game -as far as I played it- was basically every anti-religious rant I've ever read or heard placed in game form with interesting music and your choice picture of dirty old smelly drunken homeless dude, creepy guy, or hot girl missing an eye to accompany said rant.

I'm fine with insulting or spoofing on people, but to dedicate an entire game to doing so to a single group of people, while funny to those that make these rants, lacks variety and flavor to those more apathetic to such causes.

As a game, I cannot fault the music, or the writing, or the artwork. however, I do take away points for making a game dedicated to only a specific set of people deriving entertainment from it. I only deduct one star, though, as there were many endings I didn't have the interest to find and read through, and it is possible the game DID put the shoe on the other foot in those (as the saying goes).

GregLoire responds:

Thanks for the review! I definitely wrote this with an agenda, with a message, with a bias, whatever you want to call it. I cannot deny that this agenda came at a cost to the quality of the storytelling.

I had a lot of reasons for writing this. I wanted to finish a project I'd been working on for a very long time, I wanted to amuse people, I wanted to tell a good story, I wanted to spread a viewpoint, and I wanted to encourage people to put some thought into a topic that I felt some weren't putting enough thought into (not everyone fits into this category, of course). I had a lot of reasons for writing this, and some of these reasons conflicted with each other.

So I had to find a balancing point. In hindsight, I agree that it's too preachy and opinionated. Your criticism here is completely fair. Every author has an agenda, every story has a message, and every creative impulse has a reason for existing. All I can really say is that I'm putting a conscious effort into making my future writing projects more subtle in these areas.

If I had to write this again now, I would do it completely differently. And that's what kept me from finishing it for so many years. Every time I finished a draft, I would hate it for some reason or another, then I would start all over. Rinse and repeat about a dozen times. The drafts gradually got better, but I am still an amateur, and I am still learning lessons.

It is important for me to continue learning these lessons, and you've articulated what I consider to be the main weakness with this draft, so for that I thank you.

Eye opening and thought provoking to so many levels ! Explores interesting ideas about the nature of God and philosophical ethics.
I liked the similarity between our race and the corn men; showing that life and creation could just be a god's mistake and not having any real purpose or meaning, yet we insist it is the other way around.
It also attacks and question what basically makes god god (power, wisdom, goodness .. etc).
Interesting how the major higher beings (God, Faith and Stan) natures resembles those of men. They are quite pragmatic and both God and Stan fight to gain power and supremacy without having a doctrine, contrary to the image usually thought of both.
I am not sure if this can be considered a good 'game'. But it was for sure enjoyable and quite an enlightening journey !

GregLoire responds:

Thanks for the review -- you really hit the nail on the head about what I was going for!

I do enjoy a good story. I also enjoy pick your own adventure books. I ALSO enjoy putting my input into stories. Put it all together, you get this game. If you don't like text- based adventures, then this game's gonna bore you to death. But otherwise, good story, pretty funny, and makes you think a bit.

4.5 stars

I can't describe how much I love this game now! Amazing concept of man kind creation and all this religious shit. Got all endings but want to play more. Plus, I can name my character!