Reviews for "God's Assassin"

Eye opening and thought provoking to so many levels ! Explores interesting ideas about the nature of God and philosophical ethics.
I liked the similarity between our race and the corn men; showing that life and creation could just be a god's mistake and not having any real purpose or meaning, yet we insist it is the other way around.
It also attacks and question what basically makes god god (power, wisdom, goodness .. etc).
Interesting how the major higher beings (God, Faith and Stan) natures resembles those of men. They are quite pragmatic and both God and Stan fight to gain power and supremacy without having a doctrine, contrary to the image usually thought of both.
I am not sure if this can be considered a good 'game'. But it was for sure enjoyable and quite an enlightening journey !

GregLoire responds:

Thanks for the review -- you really hit the nail on the head about what I was going for!

I do enjoy a good story. I also enjoy pick your own adventure books. I ALSO enjoy putting my input into stories. Put it all together, you get this game. If you don't like text- based adventures, then this game's gonna bore you to death. But otherwise, good story, pretty funny, and makes you think a bit.

4.5 stars

I can't describe how much I love this game now! Amazing concept of man kind creation and all this religious shit. Got all endings but want to play more. Plus, I can name my character!

Alright, so for pretty much any game in which I can put my own name into it I always name my character "Bishop" for the sole reason that it's that one chess piece that everyone knows how it works but isn't very memorable. So I put the name "Bishop" into this game and by God/Stan/Faith/whatever did it feel oddly symbolic. I did all the endings and during most of the main ones I felt that no matter what I was really fulfilling my purpose as "Bishop" (though it might have just been the magical corn-brain drugs I took). The game was amazing and putting it all together felt rewarding. Plus I had a weird name connection with it so that's cool. Best game I've played in a while, kudos!

I'm not a big fan of games that require a lot of reading because I find it boring. The choose your own adventure genre can be interesting and leads to different endings, but large blocks of text is off putting. I think 'A Duck Has An Adventure' is a perfect example of how a story can be told in a simple way but still be interactive. It would sacrifice the complexity of the story so it's just a thought.

The concepts were worth reading so I'll give you 3 stars.

GregLoire responds:

"A Duck Has an Adventure" is awesome! I love that game. I agree that it's better -- I was overcome with jealousy when I first played it.

My last game had even more text between options, haha. This IS the result of me trying to cut it down to be as short as possible. I think I should just do novels...