Reviews for "God's Assassin"

The game is interesting and it's also a bit better than other text-based games... great work!

interesting game and let me say holy crap it took a while to get every ending and every possible result.

i like when you get to choose which drugs to take lol.

GregLoire responds:

I tried to be a bit educational! Truth > propaganda.

@austin25034 same with me

Hell yeah dude. Wonderful game, nice characterization, great setting, appropriate but funny jokes and lots of good stuff. I've been searching for online text-base games like this one. Your game is in high-quality. Good job! Looking forward for more games from ya.

Just a little suggestion. How about condensing the endings? I guess players will be happy to read a handful of main stories with their own development rather than plenty of lame endings. Also, why not lengthen some major 'good' endings? This would give a contrast between lame endings and true endings. Sometimes I found the better endings (those before #10) comes all of a sudden, which cannot fully brings out the message/ background of your story. Still good though! Thanks for creating such a nice game!