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Reviews for "God's Assassin"

EEHH WHERE THE FUCK IS MY GUN?? lol just kidding i liked it <3

Got all the endings. Fun when viewed simply as reading someone's interactive fiction choose-your-own-adventure, but I was constantly disappointed with the 'philosophical' aspects of the story.

I agree with a previous reviewer who stated that it seemed anything that deviated from the author's POV was portrayed in a sarcastic or negative light unnecessarily. For the logic buffs: Too much straw-manning of legitimate points of view. If one is to take on a philosophical topic with any semblance of credibility, one should strive to take on opposing points of view in their strongest form, not their flimsiest. A game which handles philosophy excellently in this regard is Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher. In that game, even when the opposing arguments fail, they are at least presented charitably in their best and strongest form.

*spoilers ahead*

A few specific points as a random sample:
* The author's understandings of science and particularly biology/evolution/origins of life is too weak to be made a basis for the 'logic' of several of the story paths. Not quite as bad as the movie Prometheus, but of the same "<groan> I can't believe the writers didn't even bother consulting any actual science/scientists before just making this crap up" type.
* The atheist path is poorly thought out; supposedly the atheist is foolish for remaining atheist when in the presence of 'god', yet this 'god' is not actually a 'god' at all, but merely a super-advanced alien of some sort. In fact there are many multitudes of 'gods'. Who/what created them? Etc. etc. Turtles and gods all the way down doesn't cut it, I'm afraid.
* At several points I was faced with a 'choice' but neither choice made any sense for me to 'choose'. It's like: Do you a) do something stupid? or b) do another thing that's equally stupid? It makes it hard to take the story seriously as any kind of philosophical exploration of what I would *actually* choose. You basically have to give up on that aspect of the game and play it merely as someone's interactive story from *their* POV. So, it ends up being a choose-the-author's-adventure story rather than choose-your-own. Oh well.

One thing I think was really well done, though, was the drug use path. Good writing there on the various experiences.

In general, despite my critiques of the philosophy part of things, it's a good and fun game/story. Generally well written with interesting characters and storylines. I liked the controls to be able to try different story paths quickly and intuitively. That was very well implemented. Looks like that system could be used to tell all sorts of CYOA stories. Hope to see more in the future.

GregLoire responds:

Thanks for the review!

Can you please specify the scientific inaccuracies in those relevant sections? If you send me a message over Newgrounds with any corrections for those paths, I would be happy to edit the text and fix it. I tried to separate which is regarded as fictional and which is regarded as "real" in terms of the science of the story.

Regarding your critique of the atheist path, I really just wanted to make that option available for people to choose if they wanted to. It was intentional to poke fun at how little sense it would make if you were literally meeting God. But, like you said, he's not really "the" God anyway. He's just a higher-dimensional entity within our universe that created a new form of life.

I intentionally did not want to answer who/what created them because I feel like the ultimate truth to a question like this is that we will never be able to find a final answer. Even, for example, if we were to solve "what was before the Big Bang," we still wouldn't know what was before THAT. So we can theorize that the Big Bang was caused by the collision of matter and antimatter, but where did those come from? The highest truth here is that we'll never reach an end point. We'll always get more questions than answers.

That's not a bad thing, though! It's how science works; it never stops with a lazy "because God did it" explanation. I love learning as much as possible about the universe, and the great thing about not being able to have all the answers is that you never stop learning or getting to discover new things about our reality. This is why I also intentionally left the "falling frogs" element unexplained.

Regarding your critique of the paths, I agree with everything you're saying here. My only real response is that I just meant for this to be a silly little project. Entertainment was the #1 goal, and any philosophical interpretations are purely a bonus.

Thank you for your compliment of the drug path, also! I was a little nervous about how that would be received. But I get annoyed with how psychedelics are stereotypically depicted in mass media, so I just wanted to write something bluntly honest to counter the misinformation.

I don't want to hate on your game, because I really admire text-adventure games, but nearly 10 minutes into your game I became confused when a critical choice spoiled something that hadn't been revealed yet(that Faiths father is God) as well as ending prematurely for a critical choice I made with no explanation whatsoever(#14).
Otherwise, I can tell you worked hard on it and it's very nice even though I disagree with a lot of your religious and moral opinions. I could give examples but then I wouldn't be reviewing, I'd be ranting(I'm not that kind of guy).

GregLoire responds:

Thanks for the review! If you have a rant in you that you'd like me to hear, please feel free to send me a private message over Newgrounds! I am always interested in having honest conversations about this subject matter, and I'm always happy to read counter-points to my views.

End 25#

bahahaha oh man the story and many different outcomes in this is freaken awesome love this game you guys have to make a second one

GregLoire responds:

Thanks! I made another one before this; check my Newgrounds profile if you're interested.