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Reviews for "God's Assassin"

I've been having a blast finding all the endings, #1 (Deicide mixed with Omnicide with sprinklings of Evil Overlord Foreshadowing) and #8 (eternity in limbo turning your mind to mush) being the bleakest to me so far.
Interesting story, nice design by our Lord The-Swain (may his camel hordes never lack in humpitude), hope to see more stuff from you in the future!
If we have a future, that is...
PS: You should create a public forum (google group?) around the concepts mentioned in the Author Bio; the nature of consciousness and its part in the development of higher intelligence are feverishly discussed by laymen, eggheads and anything with a developed neural cortex and an opinion. ;-)

A very good game, I just wish that I didn't have to read everything. Though the story is fantastic, the music is relaxing, though repetitive at times, and the art style fits the atmosphere almost perfectly.

GregLoire responds:


This game is great. Really puts things in perspective for those who blindly follow religion. Even I learned a thing or two. By the way, Medical Mechanica... is someone a Fooly Cooly fan, or was that just a coincidence?

GregLoire responds:

Fooly Cooly is my favorite creative expression ever produced by mankind. So, yes, I am a fan! I think I have a similar storytelling style as Fooly Cooly -- completely incomprehensible at first, but the clues are all there if you pay enough attention.

One of the three options with Doctor Madison is asking about the name of the hospital. Here's what she says if you pick that option:

* * *

"Oh, yes, that," Dr. Madison replies, as Faith wanders off to get a drink.

"Well, it turns out that if you donate enough money to a children's hospital, you can get it named pretty much anything you want. Some anime fan thought it would be funny. But I've never understood why some people think that just referencing something counts as a joke. Like, yeah, we get it, you can take the name of some obscure little thing and reference it in a different context. Some people will get it and some won't, but it's really not witty at all."

* * *

So, the longer story here is that I originally put that hospital name in as a placeholder, and my wife rolled her eyes at how dumb this was. The game is full of dumb little references. I thought about taking them out, but I thought it might be kind of meta to instead just have Doctor Madison poke a little fun at my lazy humor style.

Heh. Masterpiece. I got 24/25, even tho i thought i tried all reply option.

It makes you think, however. I wish we could find out. The truth. Or at least... keeping finding as many fragment as possible as long as we can.

GregLoire responds:

You have raised a critical point here. The truth doesn't end! There are two types of people in the world: truth "knowers" and truth seekers.

There is an interesting dynamic at play here, because people who acknowledge that they don't know the truth are the ones who keep seeking it, and these people are usually closer to the truth than people who claim to already know the truth, since the latter category stops seeking it. NEVER stop seeking! There is always more to learn, and it's always amazing.

I love a new view, or twist that can come from a different persons perspective, and while i dont agree with all the choices you have made with this game(story wise atleast) it was wonderfull nontheless =) and for any player- thats all you need to know, its a good game- get playing!

But nontheless, i Liked that you had the option to just do nothing sometimes, and that was the best action to take, and i'm a big fan of how the information was spread throught the game, and the general design overall- but a couple points to improve...

Honestly, the numbers system is rather off, and seems actually kind of random at times. I can understand your choices for these, but instead of giving them a straight up line like that, maybe make them in different tiers so to speak, with higher level, more deep ones being higher on the charts, as oposed to a debatable number =P

Some endings finished far to early, there were plenty where it simply cut of to early, and even another line of text where the character dies or walks away would help with this =P (mainly the 10-20 endings)

But i want to commend you for making this, and giving your opinions a strong voice for all of us to hear- i love this game, and would also love to see more of your work =)

GregLoire responds:

Thanks for the review! The page numbers are 100% random, and it was kind of tricky getting the ending numbers less than 100% random.

I have one other game like this if you're interested -- check my Newgrounds profile.