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Reviews for "God's Assassin"

Entertainment: Star; Interesting throughout all of the game.
Time: Star; Very time consuming, and patience needed, I enjoyed that.
Characters: Half star; Not many characters to find, but enough to keep it a good story.
Music: Half star; Only because the music seemed to repeat.
Overall: 3/5 stars. I really enjoyed the game, and hope to find more that are like this one. Keep up the good work! c:

Hot lingerie models are sexy and math is haaaard.
But that quote by Terry Pratchett...by the name of God...
That quote is the quote to end every and all theological debates.

So although I will never succeed at being smart, 5 stars for that beautiful quote!
Take THAT, Pope Francis!

pharyn roller is the bad nun

My favorite is ending 9, on page 135.

That was a quite interesting games, really love the "good" ending xD.
However, the flash player was consistently taking 50% of my CPU