Reviews for "God's Assassin"

Thanks, always wanted to play this kind of game.
Too bad no BIG CG's there or i just didnt find any.

GregLoire responds:

Haha, nope, no big CGs -- this game was too low-budget for that! But if anyone wants to turn this story into a major motion picture...

Really great game, my first ending is Ending #13.

Excellent. You don't need tons of mind-numbing side-scrolling to make a great game. Did you use a text adventure template, like Quest?

GregLoire responds:

Thanks! And whoa, there's a text adventure template? The-Swain did all the programming, in addition to the art.

This was absolutely amazing.

After getting all of the endings, I have to say; I like ending #3 the most. Fucking Melvin...

I made my name GOD . . .lmfao