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Reviews for "God's Assassin"

This game is brilliant. What you said here is very interesting and reminds me of something I thought a while back. I wondered if the drive for evolution was to create beings who could tap into this consciousness within the universe for some reason I could not specify. I thought sleep might be when we could best connect to that consciousness. I do not believe that anymore. I believe there is no afterlife, creator, higher power, or anything like that. Atheist is the best word for that I think, only that can just imply not believing in god but not other things such as an afterlife. Anyways, great game. I thoroughly enjoyed it. One of the best, or perhaps the best, text-adventure games I have played.

GregLoire responds:

Thank you for your comment and your kind words!

Your stages of belief are very interesting to me because I went through something similar, but sort of in reverse. I wrote this story as a complete atheist; I did not believe in any kind of higher power, nor did I believe that consciousness persists after death. (Even within the story's ridiculous universe, Faith implies that consciousness ends after death if you ask if you're dead at the beginning of the UFO path.)

But since I wrote this, I've actually come around to believing something similar to what you no longer believe -- that there exists only one consciousness in all of reality, and we're each experiencing our own unique fragments of it. I think that we come a bit closer to this source consciousness while we sleep/dream, but we're also fully connected to it during our waking lives (unlike how it works in this story).

I don't believe in an anthropomorphic God, but I do think (and this is only recently) that our physical reality was manifested by a source of infinite consciousness, and it's the same consciousness that we're all experiencing right now. In other words, you are God, and so is everyone (and everything) else.

I don't think it matters what anyone believes, because there is no anthropomorphic God judging our beliefs and behavior. But I do seek the truth, whatever that truth might be. Perhaps there is no afterlife or higher power. If this is the truth, I still want to know it! And for most of my life, this is exactly what I believed. But certain pieces of information and life experiences led me to reassess this worldview. I explain how I arrived at this conclusion at we-are-1.net. You can also read a much shorter summary on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gregmcclanahan/posts/10102776862392333

Any follow-up thoughts are welcome! Just send me a message over Newgrounds (this invitation is open to everyone). I am always looking to disprove the things that I currently believe because all I care about is the truth. But to anyone reading this comment, just know that, right now, my search for the truth has led me to the very strong belief that YOU are God.

The comedian/philosopher Bill Hicks articulates this concept better than I can: "All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves."

Original game but need a medium level of english to enjoy if you aren't American or British

Wow, just spent like 2 hours trying to find all the endings and only got 11 for the meantime... gotta rest my eyes, so far this is one of the best stories I've read, better than many many books

GregLoire responds:

Wow, thanks -- that means a lot!

I must say, I'm impressed. I would never have thought that someone could make a choose-your-own-adventure this complex, but you pulled it off. The music has just the right atmosphere and I sincerely enjoyed the artwork.

Favorited. Keep up the good work!

GregLoire responds:


Good, but the choices between good and evil are pretty obvious.