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Reviews for "God's Assassin"

I like how you assumed i was to lazy to type in a name. You were right.

GregLoire responds:

My own wife did that! I was like, "Seriously?! It's so much better if you enter a name!" Then about an hour later she just randomly says, "You're right, this is better if you put in a name."

So I had to add that little line in there for her and for all the other people who are just as lazy.

It seems like we share many of the same thoughts looking at the game, so I'll check out we-are-1.net some time. Although reincarnation is basically an afterlife so the statement that there is nothing after death is wrong in the context of the game. Apparently others have dreams of past lives too if large file sizes is a clear indicator.

I'm happy you included a back button to make the experience as easy as possible. It might be better how there is no "one true route" with specific choices, although it could have been cool to have a fully awakened main character face off against god or something.

The only problem I have is why Faith is so friendly with "Evil One". At first she might try to drug me (Ending "20" should have been a random animal) , but after that, I don't think there aren't any similar attempts. Even worse is that the other route should have ended with her leaving you with the cops.

GregLoire responds:

Thanks for the review!

You're right, it is a bit of an inconsistency that the game world claims both reincarnation and a lack of an afterlife. I guess this sort of ties back to a conversation I once had with an Hindu friend of mine. She told me that she believed in reincarnation, but that people just couldn't remember their past lives. I asked how this was any different from just atheism and a lack of any kind of afterlife. What does it matter who or what "I" am in the next life if "I'm" not going to remember it? Who is this "I" that's being reincarnated, anyway? It didn't seem to hold any real meaning.

So I guess that's sort of the angle of the story here. Some people get reincarnated, and sometimes you can remember bits and pieces of past lives, but for the most part, the game world says that your consciousness ends when you die, but because you can't experience a lack of consciousness, this "ending" never actually comes for anyone, and thus, death is meaningless and we're already living in the afterlife, even though we really do lose our consciousness when we die. That's how God explains it in the path where you ask about the afterlife, anyway.

Since writing this, I have come to take the concept of reincarnation more seriously. Maybe you can't explicitly remember past lives as if they were yesterday, but there might be a sort of deep-rooted, subconscious wisdom that follows individual souls between their incarnations. It's possible that this process is remembered and understood a bit better between incarnations, after dying in one life but before being born in the next. I guess if this is the case, we'll all inevitably find out, and if it's not, well, you just won't be able to remember reading this comment putting forth a false idea!

I did want Ending #20 to be a random animal, also. You're not the first person to suggest this! The coding of the game would need to be changed, though, and I was too lazy to ask The-Swain to do it.

Also, the reason she doesn't leave you with the cops is because she's worried that you'll have too much free time in prison to study math and publish all your breakthrough ideas. This is explained in the player option, and if you stay behind and snoop around the bar, Stan also admits to Faith that his whole plan is just to get you arrested so you can have time to study math.


please, change concept, to more brief text and real voices

GregLoire responds:

Sorry, I really did try to make this as short as I possibly could. It's adapted from a novel, and some paragraphs are summarizing stuff that used to be told across multiple chapters. I worry that it might make even less sense if I tried to trim it down further.

I love CYOA games!!!

GregLoire responds:

They love you back!

Thank you. this is a wonderful "game". loved every moment of it and the logic that went into it.... seems like my own. Great really. very deep and very well thought out. i applaud you for giving me a chance to see that I am not insane and alone on this planet.

GregLoire responds:

Thanks! Though your theory might be invalidated if I'm just insane too...