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Reviews for "God's Assassin"

This was absolutely amazing.

After getting all of the endings, I have to say; I like ending #3 the most. Fucking Melvin...

I made my name GOD . . .lmfao

Got all of them,... even though it took 4 hours. But it was totes worth it. I loved the story line and how it juxtaposes Knowledge and Evil with Humanity and Belief in religiousity. (Yes I made that a word) It's awesome how you've made Humanity a parallel with infections. God I feel sorry for Melvin and the idea of an Alien dimension where people are just a power source. And the ever bumbling "god" also,... Nice artistic styling.
How much would it cost to commission an M or A rated sequel delving into equality and gender dimorphism?

nice work with the drawings and the music. reminds me some books that i'v read like 10 years ago hwo let you choose the story.
the only thing i suggest is som drawing of the scenario or the scenes. the characters are realy good made!

That was so much fun! I enjoyed the in depth writing and the philosophy. This takes me back to so many choose your own adventure tales. Great job!!!!